Rooms and Amenities

Accommodation Options


Experience recovery with exceptional comfort.

Accommodations at Alta Mira provide you with comfort, serenity and a safe space for your recovery work. Whether you choose a double occupancy room (with shared room and bath), a private room (with a private room and bath), or a private suite (with a private living room, bedroom and bath), all accommodation options include the same quality of care, with an all-inclusive medical and clinical program, and detox if necessary.

When you arrive at Alta Mira, you will begin your stay housed in a private room with private bath in a specialized wing of our main building. Once you have completed your initial medical evaluations and medically-monitored detox (if necessary), you will move on to your permanent accommodation.

Bring Your Pet to Treatment
We understand that your four-legged friend can be a source of great comfort and support, and welcome you to bring your pet with you to treatment. To ensure the wellbeing of all guests, a private room or suite is necessary if you plan to bring your pet. Please call us for additional information about our pet program.