Our Core Values

Therapeutic Treatment Models

Integrity: We are honest and accountable. By staying true to our authentic selves and respecting the inherent dignity in others, we bring peace and balance to work every day.

Excellence: With a fierce dedication to program excellence, we passionately bring the “Wow Factor” to everything we do.

Innovation: With forward thinking and open minds, we are committed to pioneering leading-edge programs and to delivering clinical solutions customized to each client’s unique needs.

Compassion: Ours is a safe haven of healing, recovery and hope. We treat every individual who walks through our doors with empathy, caring and loving kindness.

Collaboration: We work as a community of healing: clients, families, peers, partners and professionals. Through teamwork and mutual support, we inspire and empower each other to create an unparalleled recovery experience.

Service: We are grateful for the lives we have been given and for the opportunity to give back to those we serve.

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Bill Morrison, CEO. speaks about the vision of Alta Mira Recovery Programs