Sausalito Waterfront

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The Alta Mira Hotel and Estate in Beautiful Sausalito, California

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco lies the picturesque town of Sausalito, California.  Nestled in the hills of Sausalito, the estate of Alta Mira has maintained the ambiance, grace and beauty of the historic boutique hotel that opened here in 1927. Frequented by generations of celebrities, artists, cultural luminaries, and the rich and famous, the hotel offers a magnificent and serene setting with panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay.

Our hotel and surrounding estate provide a safe and inspiring backdrop for the transformative work you will do here. Our well-appointed rooms and inviting common areas offer comfort, inspire meaningful conversations, and impart a sense of peace and well being.

Our gated grounds are exceptionally private and quiet, designed to help you focus on your recovery work without the routine distractions of everyday life. Alta Mira has a Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures throughout the year.

Alta Mira’s reputation and our proximity to San Francisco allow us to attract the top addiction experts to our treatment team. In addition, our Bay Area location affords us the opportunity to schedule recreational outings at some of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in Northern California.

We provide a small workout facility on-site with a selection of cardio and strength training machines, and free weights. In addition, you will have regular on-site sessions with certified trainers and yoga instructors, as well as access to a fully-equipped nautilus gym.

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