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Alta Miras Unique Treatment In Harmony With Samhsas New Definition Of Recovery

In late 2011, in a collaborative effort between the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), individuals in recovery, families of former addicts, policy makers, addiction specialists and the public at large, a comprehensive definition of recovery was created. After much discussion and debate the following definition was agreed upon:

“A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential.”

From this definition, those involved in the SAMHSA partnership also developed guidelines for individuals facilitating or receiving treatment with recovery as the end goal. With recovery always as their main objective, Alta Mira’s cutting-edge treatment program focuses its efforts on the neurobiological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that lead someone successfully down the path to sobriety.

These main areas of concentration in Alta Mira’s individualized recovery program coincide with the following guiding principles developed by the SAMHSA collaboration:

  • Emerges from hope (spiritual)
  • Is person-driven (individualized)
  • Occurs via many pathways (neurobiological)
  • Is holistic (spiritual, psychological, social and/or neurobiological)
  • Is supported by peers and allies (social)
  • Is supported through relationship and social networks (social)
  • Is culturally based and influenced (spiritual, social and psychological)
  • Is supported by addressing trauma (psychological)
  • Involves individual, family, and community strengths and responsibility (social)
  • Is based on respect (spiritual)

Brain Healthy Treatment Curriculum Addresses All Aspects of Successful Recovery

Many recovery programs claim they are holistic and incorporate spirit, mind and body into their treatment process; however, they do not have all these factors definitively integrated into their program. Often in other programs counseling serves to address the psychological, group and family therapy for the social aspect, and then a variety of holistic offerings are made available for the individual to decide upon for the rest.

At Alta Mira, however, a new brain healthy treatment curriculum serves to streamline all important recovery factors. Each morning of the week, a 75-minute lecture is dedicated to one of these important factors with a 75-minute workshop on the same topic in the afternoon. The weekly lecture schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Neurobiology
  • Tuesday: Psychology
  • Wednesday: Social
  • Thursday: Spiritual
  • Friday: Integration
  • Saturday: Application

Alta Mira Provides Individual Care From Admission to Aftercare

Each person who enters the Alta Mira program receives a comprehensive assessment from a multidisciplinary clinical staff member to determine an individualized:

  • Diagnosis
  • Possible co-occurring disorders
  • Core personal issues
  • Customized treatment plan

In addition, to individualized treatment, Alta Mira makes a commitment to provide a lifetime of aftercare services to all clients at no additional charge. The program offers weekly, monthly and two-day “tune-up” sessions for clients and their families, as well as periodic reassessments of clients’ relapse prevention plans.

For more information on Alta Mira’s recovery programs, call us today.

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