Bipartisan Group Works To Fight Prescription Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Bipartisan Group Works To Fight Prescription Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Few things illustrate the depth and severity of prescription drug dependence in our country or the terrible toll it takes on families of all kinds like the fact that Democrats and Republicans are working together to find solutions to the problem. No longer a problem of the upper class, dependence upon stimulant pills, painkillers, and sedatives now takes more lives than car accidents in some states. In response, a bipartisan group of senators is trying to come up with creative ways to address the issue, according to The Hill.

Called the Prescription Drug Abuse Working Group, the goal of the group is to connect government officials, private groups, and the companies that create these drugs to determine how best to limit the number of new patients dependent on prescription drugs and help the current ones successfully break free from their addictions.

Committee Ranking Member Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said in a news release: “Not a day goes by that we don’t hear news of how prescription drug abuse is harming Americans across the nation, including in Tennessee. We are launching this working group to look at the problem from all angles — particularly what the federal government is doing to enable the mayors, governors, and law enforcement and public health officials who are working hard to address the problem.”

How to Help Your Loved One Beat Prescription Drug Dependence

It’s not easy to watch someone you care about struggle under the weight of an addiction of any kind, but when the drug of choice is a medication designed to help treat a disorder like chronic pain, anxiety and others, it can be especially difficult. If you suggest treatment for their drug dependence, it may seem to them that like you are minimizing their medical or mental health ailment. How do you help them through the recovery process when there’s another issue that is causing them just as many problems?

Loved ones are encouraged to support their addicted family member by:

  • Learning about both addiction and the underlying medical or mental health issue that the medication was meant to treat
  • Helping them find alternative and/or holistic options for treatment for both disorders
  • Help them start their recovery at a dual diagnosis rehabilitation program
  • Ask their doctors and/or therapists questions to better understand the treatment and how you can be of assistance
  • Consider attending family therapy sessions in order to work through problems at home therapeutically

Start Treatment Today

The earlier your loved one starts a drug rehab program after developing a drug dependence, the better. Call us at Alta Mira now to get started.

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