Is A New Injection The Key To Preventing Painkiller Addiction

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Is A New Injection The Key To Preventing Painkiller Addiction

Many people struggle with chronic pain. This pain is often related to an illness, a disease, or a recent surgical procedure, and, in most cases, pain will be treated using prescription medications. Unfortunately, however, many prescription medications intended to treat pain carry with them a high risk of addiction. While anyone can become addicted to these medications, the risk is particularly high for those with a past history of addiction or with an increased risk for it in the first place.

Should these people be forced to suffer through their pain without the aid of prescription medications? The obvious answer is “no,” but what options does a person have for relieving pain if he or she does not wish to take prescription painkillers? Until recently, the options were limited, but thanks to a new product from Aynxx, those with chronic pain may soon have a choice other than prescription painkillers for managing their pain.

The AYX1 Injection

The product that Aynxx is currently working on is known as the AYX1 injection, and it’s intended to prevent chronic pain without the risk for addiction that goes along with painkillers. Hopes are high for the injection, which has recently been granted Fast Track status from the United States Food and Drug Administration. Fast Track status means that the FDA recognizes that chronic pain and the likelihood of addiction to the medications used to treat them is a serious concern and is hopeful that the injection could provide a safe, effective pain management alternative.

In early clinical tests, the injection was shown to be effective for most users, to have no serious adverse effects, and not to cause withdrawal or addiction. While tests are still being done on the drug to determine if it is safe for use, things are certainly looking good for the medication. There is no word yet on if or when the injection will be approved for public use, but the chances are very high that it soon will be.

Using Pain Medications Safely

Until the AYX1 injection is formally approved and released, many chronic pain sufferers will have no choice but to continue using their traditional prescription pain medications. If someone you love must use prescription medications, keep in mind that there are things you can do to ensure that the medication is administered and used responsibly. Things that can help to reduce the likelihood of becoming dependent on prescription medications include:

  • Obtaining prescriptions only from qualified, reputable doctors
  • Always using the prescription medication exactly as prescribed
  • Avoiding mixing medications with alcohol
  • Regularly visiting a doctor while using the medication
  • Being aware of the warning signs of addiction and guarding against them
  • Seeking help at a drug rehabilitation facility if a problem does occur

Is your loved one dependent upon their prescription? Management of the disease can only happen when they receive professional medical care and treatment. Contact us at Alta Mira to find out how we can help.

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