Modafinil May Help Fight Impulsive Behavior in Alcohol Addiction Recovery, Says Study

Modafinil May Help Fight Impulsive Behavior in Alcohol Addiction Recovery, Says Study

alcohol addictionCompulsive use of drugs and alcohol is one of the defining characteristics of addiction. Even with the best of intentions, many patients find that they are still unable to stop themselves when they feel “triggered” to get high or drink. Because the issue is such a huge obstacle to long-term addiction recovery, a great deal of research has been pointed at finding ways to help patients overcome impulsive behaviors.

One study recently explored the efficacy of using a drug called modafinil for impulse control among alcohol-dependent patients. Researchers found that it may have had the ability to improve the percentage of abstinent days among some participants and also may have prolonged the time to relapse in subgroups, according to the results published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology. However, it was not determined that the drug was effective for use in alcohol-dependent patients for the purpose of managing compulsive behavior.

Fighting the Urge to Drink or Get High

Essentially, this is the struggle of every recovering alcoholic or addict, a battle they fight on a daily – often hourly – basis. Learning how to manage the urge to use isn’t something that can be done overnight. Appropriate coping skills may be different for everyone. It takes practice and self-awareness to be able to sidestep a relapse when the urge arises.

An intensive addiction treatment program will help patients to manage the impulse to get high by teaching relapse prevention skills. Depending upon the needs of the patient, these coping mechanisms can include:

The Self-Awareness to Stay Strong

Every addict and alcoholic must understand themselves well enough to determine what people, places, emotions and events are likely to “trigger” them to want to drink or get high in recovery. This is a major focus of psychotherapy in addiction treatment as is learning how to manage those triggering events without giving in to the impulse to use.

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