Political Minds Urge for Debate Concerning Failed War on Drugs

In response to what has become a widely-accepted failure of the global war on drugs, the former secretary of state, George Schultz and the former chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Paul Volcker, are advocating for a debate to discuss, revise and implement a more effective strategy in addressing the continued fall-out from drug use and the black market’s associated crime.

Stating that they don’t feel across-the-board legalization is necessarily the answer, Schultz and Volcker suggest that by examining other countries’ approaches to the drug challenge in addition to our own experience in handling alcohol after prohibition, legislation may be positively influenced in a new direction.

Acknowledging that the drug crisis starts with high demand, that is then supported through illegal channels, resulting in higher levels of crime and negative social impact, Schultz and Volcker hope that revisions to the current strategy will result in less costly and more effective methods of discouraging drug use.

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