The Benefits Of Substance Abuse And Addiction

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The Benefits Of Substance Abuse And Addiction

substance abuseCould there be benefits to living through a drug or alcohol addiction? Is it possible that something so damaging to every part of life could have a positive side?

According to a study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, it may be so. “Positive byproducts” are often the result of tough life events, and addiction is no different. Participants in the study reported that some of the positive byproducts of having gone through addiction include:

  • Increased closeness with others, including family
  • Independence
  • Positive changes in life focus
  • Increased levels of compassion
  • More focus on spirituality
  • More self-awareness
  • Increased ability to help children sidestep the pitfalls of substance abuse

What benefits will your loved one gain from overcoming drug and alcohol addiction?

Personal Addiction, Personal Treatment

Everyone who develops a drug dependence will experiences loss in different ways, and therefore the benefits they experience after going through a personalized treatment program will vary. The opportunity to heal physically and mentally, rebuild relationships and create new ones, and find a new sense of purpose in a life of sobriety can happen uniquely for each person in recovery.

Your loved one may be empowered to:

  • Change careers
  • Rebuild a marriage
  • Rebuild relationships with his children
  • Reconnect with parents, siblings and other family members
  • Rectify legal struggles or financial problems

The possibilities are endless.

Taking the First Step

The benefits of experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction don’t come easily. Addiction is hard, and treatment is arguably even more difficult. Getting through withdrawal symptoms and dealing with cravings during the first 30 months is only the first obstacle. Many patients report that the real hardship begins when therapeutic treatment gets serious and progress is made on underlying mental health issues and/or trauma that drove the substance abuse. It’s uncomfortable mentally and emotionally, and many find that it takes everything they have to stick with it and become stronger in recovery.

A drug rehab program that is multifaceted and comprehensively designed to meet the individual patient’s needs is the first step to ensuring the best chances of success after addiction. There is no better way to give your loved one all the coping skills that he will need as he navigates his personal journey to balance in recovery. You can take the first step in connecting your addicted family member to our treatment program here at Alta Mira when you contact us at the phone number listed above. Call now.

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