What to Expect from Alta Mira

Comparing the quality of care to the cost of recovery

Other than what’s required by state and federal law, every treatment center can choose to provide treatment as it sees fit. This leads to a wide range in both quality of care and the price for recovery.

You don’t always get what you pay for

For as many inexpensive, poor quality treatment services, there are a number of affordable programs that offer above average care.

For every center similar to Alta Mira, with an outstanding level of care and above average price-tag, there are a handful of ‘vacation rehabs’ that charge significantly more and only offer gimmick treatment ‘cures’ that result in sub-standard care.

Alta Mira to Other Centers
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select-treatmentBefore selecting a treatment program, it’s imperative you examine the credentials and experience of the treatment staff as well as the program’s clinical model. If the program doesn’t offer an adequate amount of one-on-one time with its credentialed treatment staff or the clinical model doesn’t include a battery of testing and assessment, individualized recovery plans, the resources for concurrent treatment for co-occurring issues or a long-term aftercare program, no amount of money is worth spending on the program.

Alta Mira Offers the Highest Quality of Care to Every Client

The following is what’s included in the cost of your recovery:

Certified and Trusted Program

Our treatment program is trusted and fully certified.

Highly Credentialed Staff

  • We have 10 doctorate level clinical staff members.
  • All our primary therapists hold a masters or PhD.
  • There is a Detox Specialists available 24 hour.

Vast Testing Capabilities

  • We offer over 50 cognitive and neuropsychological tests to aid in diagnosing clients.
  • Each client receives 10-20 hours of testing and assessment.
  • On staff we have a full-time, senior neuropsychologist with over 20 years of experience.

Innovative Treatment Approach

Our program offers a cutting-edge approach that addresses four core areas of recovery.

4 Areas

One-on-One Therapy and Individualized Care

  • There is counseling seven days a week with masters level or credentialed counselors.
  • Every client is assigned a licensed masters or doctoral level primary therapist.
  • Clients will receive two to three private, in-depth therapy sessions every week.
  • We customize recovery plans based on each clients’ assessment results.
  • Any underlying mental health issues a client has is treated concurrently.

Comprehensive Aftercare

  • We offer weekly process and relapse prevention groups.
  • Alumni have access to our 12-week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Family members have an open invitation to participate in our family program, which we have every 4 weeks.

If you have questions about the cost or quality of our program, call us at: 866-922-1350