Medical Detox at Alta Mira

Medically supervised detoxification is a critical stage of addiction treatment. If you have tried to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own, you likely know that the withdrawal symptoms can quickly become uncomfortable and frightening. In fact, withdrawal from many substances, including alcohol, can create extremely dangerous reactions in the body. When these symptoms are not monitored and regulated by a medical team, a life-threatening emergency can easily develop.

At Alta Mira, we provide medically monitored detox 24/7. We contract with licensed medical providers who have the ability to provide you with the most current and effective medical and clinical support.

Comfort During Your Medical Detox

Keeping you safe and comfortable during your medical detox is our priority. We have a range of medication options to help lessen the discomfort and stress as you transition off of substances. You will be cared for around the clock by detox specialists and medical professionals who have great compassion and respect for your struggle with addiction and your choice to enter treatment.

Medical detox will often last for 3 to 5 days, although we determine each detox program individually. During detox you will have a private room with a private bath in our historic hotel. Your room will be quiet and peaceful, with views overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

Our team of highly trained detox specialists will provide you with comfort, care, kindness, and a smooth transition into stabilization, treatment and a life of recovery.