Lifetime Continuing Care

Higher Hopes, Dreams & Aspirations

Whether our clients are with us for 30 days, 90 days or longer, we make a commitment to support them in their continuing care.

The following services are included in the initial cost of treatment after successful completion of the program.

“Addiction is a chronic disease that needs to be managed for life. Most relapses occur due to inadequate continuing care planning, so we devote a considerable amount of time while clients are in treatment structuring their ongoing recovery management system.”

— Cherlyne Short Majors, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer, Constellation Behavioral Health

lifetime of aftercare


  • Weekly alumni relapse prevention and process groups
  • Recovery “tune-ups” available after successful completion of treatment
  • Help connecting with continuing care resources
  • Ongoing participation in Alta Mira’s family program
  • Annual alumni events and recovery activities

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