Success Story

“Alta Mira brought together and clarified my concept of addiction and how to conquer it.”

– Larry G., February 13, 2013

Stop The Cycle

Relapse Prevention Program: A Program for the Chronic Relapser

The Relapse Prevention Program at Alta Mira provides an opportunity for patients to stop the relapse cycle, identify and remove obstacles, and set the stage for a durable and lasting recovery.

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About the Program

At Alta Mira, we believe that relapse is a part of the recovery process and not an indication of failure. You don’t forfeit your recovery because you drank or used again, you change your sobriety date.

Starting up, not over

We do not think it is effective or clinically appropriate to send a chronic relapse client back into “Recovery 101.” Instead, we help each client learn to stop the relapse process and take the necessary action to get back into his/her recovery program.

Eliminating shame and guilt

We work to develop a specific course of treatment that focuses exclusively on developing a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan. Our staff includes Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialists, who work closely with each client to address and remove the shame and guilt associated with relapse.

Building on what works

Clients receive treatment plans, assignments and group therapy designed specifically for those prone to relapse. We assist the client in identifying which components of their recovery were working and which components need to be modified.

Targeting the source

Another important aspect of our ReVision treatment program is our clinical focus on underlying core issues, which oftentimes continue to plague one’s recovery. These can include lingering issues of low self-esteem, self-doubt and self-hatred that are often the result of unresolved trauma. We identify these self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that undermine the recovery process, and do so in a safe and nurturing environment.

What’s Included

Alta Mira’s ReVision program includes the following core services to create a productive treatment experience and enduring recovery:

  • Psychological Testing

    We conduct extensive psychological testing on every chronic relapse client within ten days of admission. Our staff neuropsychologist leads clients through a battery of up to ten psychological tests. Test results inform treatment planning and often result in “ah-ha” moments for clients and the clinical team alike.

  • Individual Therapy

    We offer clients a minimum of three individual therapy sessions every week. These intensive sessions drive the healing process and expedite a full, lasting recovery. Our staff of licensed therapists, all of whom possess a master’s degree or higher, is accessible seven days a week.

  • Process Groups

    At Alta Mira, we’ve seen firsthand what countless clinical studies have proven: group therapy helps individuals recover hope, solve problems and grow.  We provide a safe forum for clients to share their experiences and find inspiration by watching their peers overcome similar problems.

  • Family Programs

    We understand how crucial it is to have the client’s loved ones be able to contribute and participate in the recovery process, and we work very hard to balance the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality with the clinical value of developing a true sober support system.

  • Holistic Services

    Alta Mira offers a variety of services that promote health and healing for the body, mind and soul, including: massage; acupuncture; personal training; yoga and tai chi; spiritual counseling; art and equine-assisted therapy; Native American sweat lodge ceremonies; cooking for recovery classes; and pet therapy, To name a few.

  • Weekly Alumni Groups

    Relapse Prevention Workbook

    We have developed a series of written and experiential exercises designed specifically to address core issues that are causing chronic relapse.  Before leaving, each Alta Mira client will complete the work book and be able to use it as a resource after leaving Alta Mira.

  • Lifetime Continuous Care

    Each client at Alta Mira will leave with a comprehensive discharge and relapse prevention plan as well as access to lifetime aftercare services. Included in the price of our programs are two-day revisits, or treatment “tune-ups,” every three months following the successful conclusion of treatment.

  • Pet Programs

    We understand that many people have a special bond with their pets, and the idea of leaving their animal home while they come to treatment presents a difficult dilemma. Under certain circumstances, Alta Mira may allow clients to bring a pet to treatment.

To learn more about our core services, call us at 866-922-1350.

Other Recovery Services

We offer a number of additional recovery services to assist our clients both before and after the treatment experience, either directly through our own staff or approved clinical providers at an additional cost to our ReVision program.


We work with some of the best interventionists in the country. If you require this service, our intake team will promptly connect you with a qualified interventionist who can assist you. The fee for this service will be paid directly to the provider.

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We offer on-site medically monitored detoxification for most ReVision clients.  For the more complicated and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms we will assist in coordinating with an inpatient medical facility.

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Recovery coaching

We recognize that some extended care clients will need additional support once they return home.  As a result we offer recovery coaching services with a master’s level therapist that can assist clients in their transition and integration back into their home and work environments.

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Sober companion

We provide a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors to come to your home and/or work environment to provide daily sober support and companionship.

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Post-treatment monitoring

Post-treatment monitoring is a service we offer ReVision alumni who either want additional structure and accountability after leaving treatment or need to document and verify their ongoing involvement in recovery activities.

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