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“A greater sense of purpose”

Alta Mira provides an amazing environment to learn about yourself and approach sober living from all aspects of your life – mind, body and spirit. The comprehensive therapy has enabled me to understand myself better and specifically pinpoint the issues surrounding my previous attempts at recovery.

Nate W.
Alta Mira Alumnus

Our Programs

Personalized treatment programs make the difference.
Whether you are dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, process addiction, trauma or a set of co-occurring disorders, our highly experienced clinical staff will take the time to understand your struggle, hear your goals, and walk you through each stage of the recovery process.

We offer a broad spectrum of recovery programs that include integrated holistic services and structured clinical programs. All of our treatment programs are personalized to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and designed to include family, friends and other members of your support group.

Our programs include:
30-Day Core Program
90-Day Comprehensive Program
10-Day Assessment
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
4-Day Family Program
Continuing Care

I wanted to stop drinking, but couldn’t on my own. Alta Mira ushered me into a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.
– Sam E., Alta Mira Alumnus
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30-Day Core Program: Our Core Program includes medically-supervised detox, comprehensive neuropsychological testing and evaluation, our 4-day family intensive, and a personalized treatment plan of individual and group therapy, educational programming, holistic and experiential therapy, and peer support work. This program is appropriate if you are new to treatment, have straightforward detox needs, and do not have significant psychiatric, medical or behavioral issues.

90-Day Comprehensive Program: Our Comprehensive Program includes all elements of the 30-Day Core Program, with the opportunity for advanced work in 12-step recovery, spirituality, family dynamics, resiliency, codependency, and service. If you have had one or more past treatment episodes, have complex detox, or are struggling with significant co-occurring medical, psychiatric or behavioral issues, this program offers you the most effective treatment.

10-Day Assessment: This program offers you a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendations for any addiction and mental health concerns. It includes medical, psychiatric, psychological, spiritual, nutritional, fitness and pain assessments.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): For those stepping down from a residential program, or those who do not require detox and the intensive services of residential care, our IOP offers 12 weeks of individual and group therapy, and specialized mindfulness-based relapse prevention programming.

4-Day Family Program: Our renowned Family Program, included in our 30-Day and 90-Day residential programs, is also offered to families who do not currently have a loved one in treatment at Alta Mira. If you have a loved one with addiction issues, this is your opportunity to work on your own healing and growth, while learning how to best support your loved one’s recovery.

Continuing Care: When you have completed residential care at Alta Mira, we continue to support your recovery through our ongoing Continuing Care Program, including free weekly support groups, quarterly renewals, and regular check-ins with our Alumni Coordinator.

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