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“The inspiration to live”

Over the course of the last 3 months I have found myself. [The staff] had hope for me when I was hopeless. They had love for me when I could not love myself, and through that support I found hope and self-love. I found the inspiration to live at Alta Mira.

Scott F.
Alta Mira Alumnus

90-Day Comprehensive Program

We developed our 90-Day Program for individuals who want or need truly comprehensive care for addiction and co-occurring medical and/or psychiatric disorders. Like our 30-Day Core Program, we address all aspects of addiction, including psychological, neurobiological, physical, social, and spiritual. However, the 90-Day Program allows for deeper work on key recovery skills and relapse prevention.

This program is appropriate for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have had prior treatment episodes
  • You have complex detox needs (e.g. opiates, benzos, etc.)
  • You have significant co-occurring behavioral, psychiatric or medical issues to address
  • You are facing legal, relationship or career consequences due to addiction issues

Continue reading below to see what is included in the 90-Day Comprehensive Program.

I have been to multiple treatment centers over the past ten years. Alta Mira is the best and most innovative program the addiction treatment field has to offer today.
– Brian G, Alta Mira Alumnus
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The 90-Day Comprehensive Program Includes:

  • Medically-supervised detox (if necessary) on-site, at no additional cost
  • Comprehensive diagnostic neuropsychological testing and assessment with our neuropsychologist

Our full clinical program, including:

  • 2 to 3 weekly individual therapy sessions with your primary therapist
  • Daily group therapy
  • Our full curriculum of psycho-educational classes
  • Individual spiritual counseling sessions
  • 4-Day Family Program
  • Full participation in our holistic services
  • Continuing Care and aftercare planning
  • A treatment plan tailored to your specific diagnosis, treatment history, and recovery goals
  • Deeper family work and the option for loved ones to attend multiple 4-Day Family Programs
  • Intensive workshops focused on resiliency, codependency, relationships and spirituality
  • Additional work in 12-step recovery (or alternatives), spirituality, family and service
  • Collaboration with your doctors, therapists and other care professionals who referred you
  • Options for double occupancy or private accommodations
  • Bring a pet with you (with private accommodations only)

Long-Term Treatment Produces Long-Term Results

We have created the most comprehensive 90-Day addiction treatment program available. The reason? The most successful outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment. Research clearly indicates that treatment lasting 90 days or more is significantly more effective than treatment lasting fewer than 90 days.

Our admission counselors can help you arrange your life to accommodate a stay of 90 days.
The price of our 90-Day Program includes a significant discount compared to 30-Day pricing, if you commit to 90 days of treatment upfront. We believe strongly in both a longer length of treatment, and in your upfront commitment to a full course of treatment.

If you make the commitment to 90 days of treatment, your money is never at risk. If you decide on a shorter length of stay, we will refund any unused balance on your account.

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