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For many people, attending top drug rehabilitation programs can mean the difference between life and death. By choosing to enroll in a rehabilitation program, and sticking with that program through thick and thin, they can get the help they’ll need to leave their addiction behind and build a life full of health, hope and sobriety. It’s a big change to make, and most people know that they’ll need quite a bit of help to make those changes stick. Given the importance of drug rehabilitation programs, it’s no wonder that so many people want to find the absolute best program that they can find. They’re looking for one of the best drug rehab programs in the world, in the hopes that this program will provide the silver bullet that will slay the addiction. But what makes one program better than another? How can consumers really ensure that they’re participating with the very best program in the world? This article will attempt to address some of these important questions.
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Principles of Effective Treatment

In order to understand the ranking and effectiveness of drug rehabilitation programs, it’s best to begin with a discussion of the principles that lie beneath most treatments provided for addiction. By understanding what good programs are attempting to do, the distinction between one program and another might be a bit easier to make.

The key concept in addiction rehabilitation involves the nature of addiction itself. In the past, addiction was considered a short-term process that could be treated with intense therapies. At the end of that course of treatment, the person would be considered healed and could move forward with life. Now, research suggests that addiction issues are far from transitory. In fact, researchers writing for the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 found that relapse rates for addiction were similar to relapse rates to bad behavior seen in people who had chronic conditions such as diabetes. While medical experts would never suggest that diabetes could be adequately treated with a month or two of interventions, some rehabilitation facilities were taking this approach with addiction.

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The best rehabilitation programs take the chronic nature of addiction into account, and provide their users with extensive follow-up opportunities, including touch-up therapy sessions, support groups and more. By stretching the services provided from weeks to years, these programs truly help address the chronic nature of addiction.

In addition, many programs in the past were provided in a cookie-cutter approach. All people were given the same treatment, regardless of factors such as their:

  • Age
  • Mental health status
  • Income status
  • Cultural orientation
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religious beliefs

Now, experts know that these issues are incredibly important when it comes to addiction management. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that most people need at least three months of treatment to achieve some sort of change, but some people need treatment that lasts much, much longer. This can be difficult to achieve, as addiction treatment is voluntary, in most cases. People can stop using the services anytime they’d like to. Keeping that person engaged in the process is a job that the best programs do quite well. The term “affiliation” is often used to describe the impact of these factors. People who are affiliated with their programs, who believe in the methods used and who feel comfortable in the treatment setting, are much more likely to stay involved with treatment. Therefore, programs that are flexible and sensitive tend to be more effective than those that are not.

Finally, the best programs in the world involve the entire family in the process. For some people, the addiction cycle had its roots in trauma that occurred within the family. For other people, the addiction habits are inadvertently supported by the family. And for yet others, the family has been so damaged due to the addiction that it’s simply become toxic. By working with the entire family, good programs can help to address those issues.
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Programs Used by the Best Drug Rehabs

Each rehab center is likely to use a specific set of programs to address addiction issues, but there are some fundamentals of treatment that have been borne out by years of scientific study, and those elements should be included in all treatment programs. For example, research suggests that addiction has its roots in chemical imbalances in the brain. Drug abuse has changed the way the brain produces and responds to specific chemicals found in the brain, and until those chemical imbalances are adjusted, relapse to drug use is more likely. The best programs understand this basic fact, and as a result, these programs provide participants with medications that can ease their cravings and help them function in clear-headed manner.

In addition, programs also provide a significant amount of therapy that can help people see their addictions in a clear light, and make the needed changes as a result. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this thought control process. It’s vital to the success of any addiction recovery process. In fact, researchers writing in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that people who were able to stop drinking without entering a formal program did so using the power of the mind. The researchers write, “the majority (57 percent) of recoveries were characterized as involving a ‘cognitive evaluation,’ or appraisal of the pros and cons of drinking.” These people learned to understand drinking on a deep level, and they were then able to stop. Some people can learn this alone, but most learn it through therapy. It’s an important part of the recovery process.

Finally, the best programs employ a multi-disciplinary approach, assisting clients with a wide variety of issues, such as:

  • Employment status
  • Housing
  • Parenting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Physical health
  • Legal aid
  • Financial planning
  • Anger management

Any one of these issues could drive a person back to addiction, or could make an addiction issue much worse. By helping clients to reform their lives in many areas, the best programs allow clients to build a solid foundation on which to rest their recovery, making a relapse much less likely.
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Facilities in the World of Addiction

Choosing a facility for addiction is a bit different than choosing a hospital or a doctor’s office. For one thing, addiction facilities can vary dramatically from one to the other. Where hospitals might vary in programs provided yet look much the same, addiction facilities can be luxurious, clinical, home-based or office-based. There are literally thousands of places to choose from.

In the end, the best facility will be the one in which the person in treatment feels comfortable. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stresses this point, reminding families that addiction has wiped out the person’s ability to make choices. By providing that person with a choice, by giving the person a say in the decision, families are doing their part to help reverse that damage. They’re giving back some control. Therefore, the word “best” should come only from the person in treatment, as that’s truly the only opinion that matters.

There are some questions families can ask, however, in order to weed out programs that might look beneficial yet might not be appropriate choices:

Questions to Ask Yourself
  1. Do you provide flexible programs that change, based on the needs of the person in treatment?
  2. Are your programs science based?
  3. Are the staff members licensed to provide care?
  4. Are there people here who specialize in my particular issue?
  5. How will you prepare me to function on my own at home?
  6. What follow-up care do you provide?
  7. How much does it cost?

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The Issue of Reviews

Most people are accustomed to reading reviews from real people before they make major purchases. Internet sites like Yelp make this sort of survey easy to find and read, and often they can be quite helpful. Unfortunately, these reviews are a bit harder to find in the world of addiction. Like any other medical treatment, addiction services are provided on a confidential basis. Names, ages and outcomes aren’t part of the public domain, and in fact, most facilities will go to great lengths to protect the sensitive information of clients who use their programs. This can be beneficial for the people who are using the program, but it can make it harder to gather information from the outside. People might not be willing to volunteer their stories of addiction and recovery, especially if they think those stories could impede their ability to get jobs or make friends later in life.

In addition, reviews of efficacy might not be accurate when it comes to addiction. People recover from addiction via many different paths, and sometimes, those paths overlap and involve a significant amount of doubling back. A study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that over a three-year period, people cycled between abstinence and substance abuse with amazing rapidity. In fact, 36 percent of people made an entire cycle twice during that time. A review is a snapshot of one moment in time in an addict’s life. If that snapshot takes place when the addict is feeling well, the facility seems to provide wonderful care. If the snapshot takes place when the addict is at a low point, the facility seems less than stellar. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, impossible to capture via reviews like this.
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Making a Choice

Finding the best drug rehabilitation in the world for that addict at that time can be a time-consuming process involving research, interviews and tours. The person in treatment, the person’s family and the person’s doctor might all have opinions, and they might spend a significant amount of time negotiating their differences and trying to make an informed choice. It might seem irritating, but there is a different way to think about the process. During the course of the addiction, as mentioned, the person has become unaccustomed to making decisions. Impulse has reigned over intellect. During the course of choosing a facility, the person is gaining those valuable skills once more, learning more about forming an opinion and expressing it properly. It can be just the first step on a long road that leads to recovery. Since it is so important, it shouldn’t be rushed. By taking time to do a thorough investigation, and allowing the person to have the final say, families are likely to make the right decision.

At Alta Mira, we offer luxury surroundings that can encourage healing, and are among the best drug rehab facilities in the world. We use science-based techniques, combined with holistic approaches, which can be ideal for some people. We’d love to provide you with more in-depth information about our program, including detailed notes about how our programs are tailored to meet the needs of the clients we serve. Please contact us today to find out more.
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