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California Drug Rehab and Treatment

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When an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol has made the decision to seek treatment for their condition, they must decide where they will obtain their treatment. There are several options available; however, seeking the best treatment in California may be one of the better choices. California offers some of the most progressive therapies, with alternative treatments available at most treatment centers. Many of the treatment providers, including medical staff and substance abuse counselors, are the very best in their fields. They choose to live and work in California because they understand the need for innovation and progressive thought processes in the realm of substance abuse treatment.

What to Expect

The Detox Phase

The first phase of any top treatment program is the detoxification process. This process begins as soon as an individual stops taking the drugs to which they have become addicted. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms begin immediately, while in others the effects are delayed until the immediate effects of the drug use wear off. In either case, the symptoms of withdrawal will vary depending upon the type of drugs taken. For instance, those individuals withdrawing from cocaine may not experience the same symptoms of nausea and vomiting that are associated with heroin withdrawal. Most individuals who are going through the detox process will experience some common symptoms, including:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Exhaustion
  • Pain throughout the body
  • Irritability

Most facilities for drug rehab and treatment in California can provide assistance during the detoxification process in the form of companionship, and some medical treatment to alleviate the symptoms. Making a recovering addict as comfortable as possible during the detox phase greatly increases the chances that the addict will not relapse this early in the recovery process. Detox by itself is not a treatment, however, and must be followed by an intensive treatment program.

The Treatment Phase

Once the recovering addict has completed the detox phase, which can last from a few days to as long as week in some cases, the individual will enter the treatment phase of recovery. In California, there are many choices when it comes to drug rehab and treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

A residential inpatient facility can provide certain benefits for the recovering addict. While many treatment centers resemble hospitals and offer services to match, a residential treatment facility is often set up like a home. There are common living areas and a fully equipped kitchen where residents can prepare meals and visit when they are not in counseling or pursuing alternative therapies. The bedrooms are generally private with comfortable furnishings and large, comfortable bed. In some cases, each bedroom will have a private bath attached so the resident can relax in a hot bath in the evenings as they prepare for another day full of exciting new experiences.Because the weather in California is generally a constant comfortable temperature, the grounds that surround a residential treatment center are often luxuriously manicured. Wide, open spaces perfect for meditation or relaxation exercises might overlook the ocean or the valley and offer calming influences from bright, blue skies.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

In some cases, an inpatient stay at a residential facility is not possible due to career or family restraints. When this is the case, drug rehab and treatment centers in California can offer intensive outpatient treatment programs as an alternative to inpatient care. An outpatient treatment program offers all of the same therapy benefits including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), alternative therapies and group counseling sessions; however, the recovering addict will continue to live at home. Participation in outpatient care can be scheduled to suit the needs of the individual, either in the morning or the evening.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

cognitive behavioral therapyWhen an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the addiction often makes it difficult to make clear decisions. Part of the disease of addiction also includes the inability to react to day-to-day situations without including opportunities to use drugs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, commonly called CBT, is a tool used by treatment professionals to retrain the way a recovering addict thinks and reacts to various situations. The treatment lasts for approximately four months and includes one-on-one therapy sessions with a counselor, group therapy sessions with others suffering from the disease of addiction, as well as homework assignments and self-assessments. It is a partnership between the recovering addict and the treatment providers that has proven effective for a growing number of recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Alternative Therapy Programs

No single treatment is effective for every individual. While one individual may respond to CBT, others may need more innovative approaches in order to reach total recovery. Because of this, providers in California have been the most dedicated to the use of alternative therapies for the treatment of addiction and addiction-related diseases.

1 yoga1 martial arts1 meditation1 animal therapy1 massage1 acupuncture

Alternative therapies include a wide range of programs, including:

  • yoga
  • martial arts
  • meditation
  • animal therapy
  • acupressure
  • acupuncture and massage

These alternative therapies provide a plethora of resources for the recovering addict. Some teach problem-solving skills while others provide a new outlet for emotional stress that do not include the damaging effects of alcohol or drug abuse.

Drug Addiction Therapy at Alta Mira

Find the Right Treatment Program in California

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable areas for drug treatment in Northern California. With beautiful weather conducive to outdoor activities, California makes is possible to enjoy the benefits of many alternative therapies in pristine settings that include incredible vistas of the Pacific Ocean as well as the laid-back cultural environment that is unique to the state.

If the recovering addict chooses to live in a sober living home after graduation from a top drug treatment center, he or she will have many locations from which to choose. A sober living home provides a drug- and alcohol-free living situation where each member of the household is also in recovery. This is often a huge support factor to fight against the possibility of relapse, giving the recovering addict a firm foundation before they return to their original living situation. Each sober living home can provide easy access to continued support through a treatment center or local support group meetings.

The purpose of treatment is to help a recovering addict understand his or her disease through counseling, education and practical life experience. The process can take weeks or months of the best inpatient or outpatient therapy, and there is no better place to completely immerse oneself in recovery than California.

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Consider Alta Mira

Alta Mira Recovery Programs is an innovative California rehab facility located just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco, in the heart of Sausalito.

Treatment philosophy

At Alta Mira, we treat people, not patients or addictions. This may seem like a minor semantic distinction, but this approach has big implications: Our experience tells us that addiction touches every aspect of a person’s life, so we offer highly personalized treatment that promotes total healing—of mind, body and soul. This means providing exceptional clinical care, as well as comprehensive holistic treatments. It means that every element of the rehab experience at Alta Mira, down to the smallest detail, serves a therapeutic purpose.

Family involvement

Comprehensive family involvement is a key component of the Alta Mira Difference. With guidance from our clients, we strive to integrate family members, close friends and referring professionals into the treatment process. We’ve found that this makes for a more productive and robust rehab experience.

Empowering clients

Our experience tells us that the more our clients engage with their treatment, the more likely they are to make a permanent break from addiction, so we encourage and empower every new resident to take an active role in crafting his or her recovery plan. And since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, we endeavor to offer a variety of options, including secular group therapy sessions.

The best dual diagnosis treatment

Addictions seldom stand alone: they are often precipitated and fueled by undiagnosed conditions. To promote a complete and lasting recovery for our clients, we offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Unlimited continuing care

Addiction relapse rates are close to those of other chronic diseases. We understand that seeking the best drug rehabilitation available is just the start of a lifelong commitment to sobriety, so we make a lifetime commitment to our clients, supporting them long after they leave our facility. All of our clients know that they can rely on Alta Mira to help them avoid relapse, and, if relapse occurs, guide them back to sobriety.

Location and amenities

Alta Mira’s Sausalito campus overlooks the San Francisco Bay and is flanked by some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Our location offers an immense benefit and supplements the hard work done in group and individual therapy. Our facility boasts excellent views, tastefully appointed rooms and a varied menu of delicious and healthy food. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of our many ancillary services, which include yoga, massage, guided meditation and acupuncture, as well as various experiential therapies.

Contact Alta Mira today

Are you or is someone you love struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Take heart. Alta Mira offers effective and sustainable treatment programs that help people regain traction and build lives free from addiction. Please call our admissions department at 866-922-1350 to set up a free consultation.

Last Updated: October 10, 2013.