Week in the Life of Recovery at Alta Mira

The following is a sample of the comprehensive and integrated treatment program we offer

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Neurobiological Social Psychological Spiritual Integration Application Rest
Yoga Class Guided Meditation Tai Chi Acupuncture Yoga Class Community Meeting Worship Services (Optional)
Brain Function  Neurobiology Lecture Attachment & Co-Dependency Lecture Mood & Stress Management Lecture Spirituality & Recovery Lecture Motivation & Stages of Change Lecture Recovery Goals & Discharge Planning Guided Meditation
1 x 1 Therapy Sessions Daily Process Group 1 x 1 Therapy Sessions Daily Process Group 1 x 1 Therapy Sessions Recovery Tools Group Sober Fun
CBT: Cognitive Distortions Music Therapy Energy Psychology Art Therapy DBT Group Equine Therapy Family Visit
Addiction as a Brain Disease Workshop Communication Skills Workshop Recognizing & Dealing With Trauma Workshop Meaning & Purpose Workshop Relapse Warning Signs & Prevention Workshop Gender Specific Group Meetings Recovery Journaling
Journaling Hike in Marin Headlands Gym Workout Kayaking on San Francisco Bay Gym Workout Native American Sweat Lodge Massage
12-Step Meeting Alumni Speaker Meeting 12-Step Meeting Zen Center Recovery Meeting Resident Experience, Strength & Hope Meeting 12-Step Meeting Movie Night

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