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David Smith, M.D. on the connection between addiction and the brain.

What We Treat

We are here to provide you with the most sophisticated, evidence-based addiction treatment available, including a full spectrum of drug and alcohol treatment. We specialize in diagnosing and treating complex dual diagnoses (also called co-occurring disorders), including mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and codependency. We also provide support for our clients who struggle with process addictions, including gambling, spending, sex, eating, and internet gaming.

Our clients come to us from a wide range of treatment experiences. Some are entering drug and alcohol treatment for the first time. Most have a history of treatment elsewhere, and are looking for the additional diagnostic clarity and tailored treatment of our dual-diagnosis clinical program.

Our core areas of clinical expertise include:

    • Dual diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorders) Treatment

      Our advanced clinical program specializes in diagnosing and treating a full range of psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral issues. If you are like many of our clients, you may be suffering with a co-occurring disorder (possibly undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed) that has complicated your previous recovery efforts. A thorough diagnosis and a customized treatment plan offer you a return to hope. Dual Diagnosis Treatment Information.

    • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

      Alcoholism is a pervasive disease that requires medically supervised detox and an individualized treatment plan. Our clients with alcohol dependence are often suffering with underlying mental and emotional health issues, and have turned to alcohol to cope. If your alcohol use is causing you or your loved ones to suffer, we can help. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Information

    • Drug Addiction Treatment

      Drug addiction is a brain disease with life-threatening physical and psychological effects. Alta Mira’s evidence-based treatment protocol provides you with the most effective drug addiction treatment available. We can support your safe detox and effectively engage you in residential treatment regardless of your addiction. Drug Abuse Addiction Treatment Information

    • Opiate Addiction Treatment

      Opiate addiction is increasingly prevalent among our clients, both in the form of prescription painkillers and heroin. Opiate addiction often “sneaks up,” intensifying from prescribed use to dependence in a short amount of time. We can help you detoxify, manage withdrawal symptoms, and make a permanent break from dependence on opiates. Opiate Addiction Treatment Information

    • Process Addiction Treatment

      Process addiction is a compulsive dependence on a behavior or activity, such as gambling, shopping or eating. In addition to treating your chemical dependency, we will diagnose and address process addictions as part of your individualized treatment plan. Process Addiction Treatment Information

    • Suboxone Abuse Treatment

      Suboxone was designed to help people who abuse prescription painkillers or opiates like heroin to overcome cravings during withdrawal. For some individuals, a dependence on Suboxone develops, damaging and complicating the recovery process. If you are suffering from Suboxone abuse, we can provide the most advanced treatment available. Suboxone Abuse Treatment Information

    • Chronic Relapse Treatment

      Chronic Relapse Treatment at Alta Mira provides you with the opportunity to stop the relapse cycle, identify and remove obstacles, and set the stage for a durable and lasting recovery. Our renowned diagnostic program and individualized recovery plans make the difference for our clients struggling with relapse. Chronic Relapse Treatment Information