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Quotes from Some of Our Recently Discharged Clients

“Alta Mira has given me the tools, support, and hope to live a meaningful life without drugs and alcohol. I now believe that life is worth living sober.”

“I came to residential treatment broken and unable to function. Alta Mira gave me the greatest possible gift – my life back.”

“The most caring, dedicated, and supportive team of therapists, doctors, nurses, and staff; that truly love what they do, and make the individual client’s personal treatment a priority. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone who wants the best care and best rehab experience possible. They are amazing in every way.”

“Alma Mira is a transformative program that enabled me to build the mental, spiritual and physical foundations for my recovery – and provided me with tools that will help me better navigate my life more broadly.”

“Alta Mira provided the opportunity, environment and clinical care to transform my life. I will be forever grateful for my time there.”

“My initial experience of Alta Mira was wanting to burn it to the ground, which developed into the most profound appreciation and love for this place. I would guard it with my life from harm and will hold it in my heart as the most important experience of my life. Thank you will never be enough <3”