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– Meet Alta Mira’s Expert and Compassionate Team –

When you arrive at Alta Mira, you know immediately that you are in a safe place—one of kindness, expertise, and genuine compassion for the recovery process. Our staff members, many of whom are also in long-term recovery, are chosen for their ability to provide you with the most advanced care possible and their dedication to delivering an extraordinary treatment experience. We look forward to welcoming you.

At Alta Mira, we know that client interactions with staff highly influence the results of our program. From the moment you arrive at Alta Mira, our team works to make sure you feel welcome, safe, respected, and comfortable.

Because we understand just how important our staff is to the client’s experience at Alta Mira, we are highly selective in choosing team members. Each staff member is chosen based on their ability to provide clients with the most advanced care possible, while ensuring clients feel secure and understood. Many members of our staff are also in long-term recovery, and have first-hand experience as clients in treatment. The perspectives of staff who have “been there” are highly valued, because they help increase understanding and empathy across our whole team.

Our team members are passionate about helping others on their journey to recovery and are grateful for the opportunity to welcome new clients. Please contact us now to find out more information about how we can help you or someone you know.

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