Helen “Py” Driscoll, MD

Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine Physician

Dr. Helen “Py” Driscoll serves as our primary internal and addiction medicine physician at Alta Mira Recovery Programs, and is responsible for the detoxification and medical needs of clients at our addiction treatment center. She is board certified in both Internal and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Driscoll earned her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and Bachelor’s in Human Biology at Brown University. She is an Advisory Board Member at Stepping Stone Residential Recovery Program for Women in San Francisco and a member of ASAM and CSAM.

Dr. Driscoll has 15 years of experience at Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland, where she completed her residency and later served as an attending hospitalist instructing a team of residents, interns, and medical students. She has cared for more than 7,500 patients suffering from medical complications caused by addiction.

Dr. Helen “Py” Driscoll, Consulting Physician at Alta Mira addiction treatment center