Dr. Ian Wolds, PsyD


Ian Wolds, PsyD, joined Constellation Behavioral Health in 2016. Hired by our founder Bill Morrison, Ian quickly discovered through their initial conversations that Constellation’s mission, vision, and values aligned with his own hopes and intentions and knew this was where he wanted to foster his career. Ian served as Executive Director of Alta Mira from 2016-2022 before stepping into his current role as Constellation’s President.

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Ian has spent his entire career working in the care and treatment of clients with addiction and co-occurring disorders, spanning back to 2005. He brings an integrative psychology framework to his work that emphasizes the interdependence of psychological, physical/medical, sociocultural, spiritual, developmental, and systemic dynamics in each individual’s life.

Ian has worked with a wide variety of clinical populations dealing with addiction, mental illness, and other co-occurring disorders across individual, group, and family contexts. He has worked in inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment settings and completed a dissertation studying spiritual development in 12-step recovery from a variety of cultural viewpoints.

Ian completed his postdoctoral training at BrightQuest Treatment Center in San Diego, CA, spending a total of five years within BrightQuest’s therapeutic community model working with individuals and families dealing with severe mental illnesses and dual diagnoses. Ian worked in a variety of clinical roles at BrightQuest San Diego before becoming the Clinical Director of its first expansion effort in Seattle, WA in 2011. Between his time at BrightQuest and Alta Mira, Ian worked for four years as Clinical Director of The Canyon at Peace Park’s residential program in Malibu, CA.

Ian believes in individualizing treatment to fit each client’s unique needs and goals, and in a manner that is attentive to all domains of a person’s life. His passion lies in helping clients and families develop self-awareness, resilience, personal agency, and the capacity to thrive in spite of life’s adversities, and ultimately the creation of more meaningful relationships and personal fulfillment.

In his role as President of Constellation Behavioral Health, Ian’s clinical background and passion for serving the needs of our clients will further align and propel Constellation, our system of care, and our programs to serve even more individuals in need.

Dr. Ian Wolds, Licensed Clinical Psychologist