Jennifer Roether, LCSW, MSW

Primary Therapist

Jenny Roether, LCSW, MSW, was born in Caribou, Maine and raised in Northern California. She has traveled between Tucson and California throughout her adult life. She chose to study anthropology and criminal justice at the University of Arizona as an undergraduate, where she simultaneously worked in the cardiology department at University Medical Center in Tucson. Post her Bachelor of Science degree, Jenny began work in the biomedical device industry helping to market and train cardiac surgeons on the CardioWest Total Artificial Heart for several years prior to returning to academia to acquire her Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University.

Throughout Southern Arizona, Jenny has worked in various behavioral health settings within the private and public sectors, including intensive outpatient, residential, and inpatient care. Most recently, Jenny was working as a Primary Therapist and Program Manager for the Licensed Professionals Program at Sierra Tucson that she helped develop and facilitate for the past three years. She was able to engage in her passion by supporting impaired professionals, whom she had worked alongside for many years in the medical field. Her ability to relate to impaired professionals and their unique challenges and responsibilities achieve sobriety and emotional healing to continue serving patients and clients in their respective practices has been a rich and rewarding experience that she hopes to enhance and support here at Alta Mira. Prior to returning to the desert in 2019, Jenny spent eight years in San Francisco, CA, where she worked as an intensive community social worker with Health Right 360, the Institute on Aging and the Progress Foundation assisting clients, who presented with several co-morbidity factors transfer from a skilled nursing facility back into the community with support.

Jenny’s focus and passion to better serve those suffering from addiction and co-occurring issue is best supported by her trauma-centered approach and her ability to utilize experiential exercises and modalities to support residents increase their awareness, acceptance, and action. She uses humor and humility as a means of normalizing a resident’s experience and to shift from “being a human doing to a human being.” Jenny enjoys the individualized approach and person-centered care found at Alta Mira and the overall compassion that emanates from each department from the admissions process, throughout nursing, tech, and culinary departments all the way through the discharge process.

She recognizes the myriad talent and skill sets of each individual she supports by honoring their unique strengths and abilities to enhance emotional recovery and thus promote long-term sobriety for our residents’ long term. Jenny emphasizes the importance of working within a highly skilled, treatment team approach to better serve Alta Mira residents and to create long-lasting change, increase self-awareness, and enhance connection. Jenny is independently licensed in both Arizona and California.

When she is not operating in a therapeutic capacity, Jenny spends her free time in Marin practicing her culinary skills, gardening, and raising her small human.

Jennifer Roether, LCSW, MSW