Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment

Our Insurance Advocate Can Help You

While we don’t accept in-network insurance for our residential addiction treatment program, we do work closely with a third-party insurance advocate who has successfully helped a majority of our clients recoup a substantial portion of their treatment expenses. You can get started right now by completing a quick benefits check. This benefits check is free, completely confidential, and only takes a few minutes. This will allow our insurance advocate to learn about your available benefits and help you to understand what amount of reimbursement you are likely to receive. Once you’ve filled out the form, he will be in touch with you directly to discuss your benefits and his advocacy services.

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We have worked with a number of insurance advocates over the years, but none have had the skill and tenacity of our current partner. He is an expert in understanding the nuances of each insurance plan, and fights with determination to get you the maximum reimbursement. We feel confident in recommending his services because we have so many satisfied clients who have benefitted from his advocacy.

Why Doesn’t Alta Mira Accept In-Network Insurance?

As a private-pay program, we work with health insurance on an out-of-network basis. There are a number of reasons we choose to remain private pay. The primary reason is that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care. We know that in-network insurance would require us to compromise services that are vital to your recovery, including our in-depth diagnostic program. Our clientele need the highest level of care available, which is unfortunately not possible when working directly with insurance.

Working with in-network insurance would also mean that your length-of-stay would be constantly in question. Insurance requires ongoing proof that each day of treatment is “medically necessary,” despite the fact that numerous studies have shown how much more effective treatment is when you have a longer length of stay. Knowing the minimum length of time you’ll be with us allows you to really “unpack your bags” and get to work on your recovery, with a vision for the full program you’re committing to. You’ll be doing important work here, and having your length of stay constantly in question takes away from the sense of safety and community that is so vital to that work.

I have learned so much here, and I for the first time have hope. Alta Mira gave me hope.

Scott F., Alta Mira Alumnus
Bridges to Recovery Testimonial

I have learned so much here, and I for the first time have hope. Alta Mira gave me hope.

Scott F., Alta Mira Alumnus

Please fill out the form below to complete your free benefits check. All information will be kept strictly confidential. If you are unsure of the answer to any of the questions below, just write “unknown” or call us at the number above. Our insurance advocate will be in touch with you shortly.

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