Grief and Loss

Grief is associated with feelings of sadness, yearning, guilt, regret, and anger, among others. Some people may experience a sense of meaninglessness, and others can feel a sense of relief. Emotions are often surprising in their strength or mildness, and they can also be confusing, such as when a person misses a painful relationship. Alta Mira's Grief and Loss Workshop helps clients overcome the burdens of past losses while teaching the coping skills needed for long-term recovery.

Surviving a Loss

Thoughts during grief can vary from “there’s nothing I can do about it” to “it’s my fault, I could have done more” or from “she had a good life” to “it wasn’t her time.” They can be troubling or soothing, and people in grief can bounce between different thoughts as they make sense of their loss. Grieving behaviors run from crying to laughter, and from sharing feelings to engaging silently in activities like cleaning, writing, or exercising. Some people find comfort in the company of others, particularly with those who may be similarly affected by the loss, and others may prefer to be alone with their feelings.

Examples of grief and loss that clients bring to the group:

  • Multiple losses
  • Tragic loss, such as sudden death or suicide
  • Loss of self—some of it is related to addiction “I am becoming someone I don’t recognize because of my addiction”
  • Loss due to tumultuous or toxic relationships
  • Loss of a significant family member—even many years later
  • Having a loss as a child

How Our Grief and Loss Workshop Helps You Begin to Heal

Our workshop focuses on helping you identify grief and loss issues, develop coping skills, work through shame and guilt, and leave with a process for working through grief going forward in your recovery. The goals you can expect to reach at the end of this three-day workshop are:

  • To understand what you might experience during grief and loss, and normalize that experience
  • To explore specific losses that may be complicated or unresolved in a safe environment
  • Learn a set of coping skills to effectively process through grief and loss
  • Learn to use the Five Written Expressions of Grief when faced with loss or tragedy

This workshop is a safe place for you to begin to explore your feelings around grief and loss in a supportive environment, learn how to let go of guilt, shame and/or resentment, and learn how to “hold on” and “let go” at the same time.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Basic foundation for stages of Grief
  • Thoughts, feelings that people have
  • Introduction of the Five Written Expressions of Grief
  • Writing your story

Day 2

  • Getting grounded in gratitude
  • Learning about what makes grief complicated, chronic, or delayed
  • Exploring grief styles and family roles

Day 3

  • Integration—bringing it all together
  • Letting go and holding on
  • Honoring the group
  • Setting intentions moving forward

Grief and Loss Workshop Prerequisites

We recommend participants in our Grief and Loss Workshop to have completed a minimum of 30-days treatment at Alta Mira. We believe having initial grounding and familiarity with the environment, your treatment team, your therapist, and your recovery will provide the best foundation for this workshop to help you build upon as you move forward with rebuilding your life.

  • Completion of 30-day Core Program
  • Completion of Family Program
  • Referral to this program from your primary therapist

The staff at Alta Mira is here to help you throughout your treatment journey, and we are here for you now at the beginning. If you have any questions about our Grief and Loss Workshop, any of our other intensive workshops, or need information about our treatment programs, please contact us today.