Spirituality and Recovery

Alcoholism and drug addiction can lead to a lack of connection. Spirituality and connection are important aspects of treatment at Alta Mira. In addiction to a safe place away from substances, medically-supervised detox, and evidence-based care, learning how to reconnect and tap into your individual spirituality can support long-term recovery. You will often hear people speak of spirituality and a higher power as having a significant role in their recovery. As you start your recovery journey in treatment, you may find that you are able to begin to tap into your own concept of a power greater than yourself.

The Path to Spirituality

When you make the decision to come to Alta Mira, we do more than treat your addiction. We guide you towards renewing the health of your whole being–body, mind, and spirit. As you embrace your fullest health in all dimensions, you prepare yourself for a strong and lasting recovery.

Our experience shows that spiritual exploration can greatly enhance your recovery and act as a vehicle for change and transformation in your life. Our exceptional team has created a spiritual recovery program that supports you in your journey to understand and fulfill your life’s meaning, purpose, and passion. We respect all religious backgrounds and beliefs, and our spiritual recovery program simply supports you as you celebrate what is most important and meaningful in your life.

As with our treatment plans, our spirituality programs are highly individualized to fit your unique needs, desires and goals. Our experts work with you to develop an intuitive, personalized spirituality program that will help you engage with and internalize spiritual experiences.

If you attend treatment at Alta Mira, your spiritual recovery plan will include:

  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Group lectures on finding life’s meaning
  • A workshop on developing your purpose and passion
  • Equine therapy sessions

At Alta Mira, we have built an environment where you can become your best self. We support you as you grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger, allowing you to create your most successful recovery experience. At our beautiful campus overlooking the San Francisco Bay, our renowned specialists help you to unlock your fullest potential and reclaim the life you want.

What It Means to Work the 12 Steps

It is traditional for newly recovering alcoholics and addicts to attend meetings, join a fellowship, get a sponsor, and work the 12-Steps. The 12-steps represent a very helpful design for living for people in recovery. While in treatment, you will be introduced to 12-step groups in our local community. Some of your assignments in treatment will be related to the 12-steps. It is also recommended that clients get a sponsor, or a temporary sponsor, to work with while they are in treatment. In this way, you will be well-prepared to find a sponsor to work with when you return home after treatment

Finding Your Way

At Alta Mira, we offer a variety of options for people to explore getting reconnected with themselves, with others and with a Higher Power. Your path to spirituality may include rediscovering the religion that you were raised in. Attendance at a variety of local 12-step meetings provides an introduction to learning about spirituality through peer support groups.

Whatever your path may be, we will support you through you process of spiritual exploration. For more information, please contact one of our Admissions Specialists.