Residential Treatment for Heroin Addiction (1)

Residential Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin dependency has a reputation for being tremendously difficult to overcome, which it can be if the right kind of help isn’t provided. Residential treatment for heroin addiction at Alta Mira provides the best in evidence-based, personalized care, offered by skilled addiction specialists with an impressive track record of success. For those who are truly motivated to change, even a long-term heroin addiction is treatable.

When heroin dependency develops it is important to seek treatment right away. Residential treatment for heroin addiction at Alta Mira provides e a meticulously crafted combination of medical detox services, intensive therapies in multiple formats, world-class addiction specialists, neuropsychological and psychological testing and assessments, and empowering complementary healing practices.

Learn More About Heroin Addiction Treatment at Alta Mira

There has been a spike in heroin use in the United States in recent years. Heroin is frequently taken as a cheap substitute for legal opioid pain killing medications like fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, and its availability has soared as opioid addiction rates have increased.

Like other opioids, heroin is highly addictive and creates a significant risk for drug overdose. In 2018, for example, more than 46,000 Americans lost their lives after overdosing on opioids, and this included approximately 15,000 people who succumbed to the effects of heroin abuse and dependency.

When heroin addiction has taken control of your mind and body, intensive residential treatment services provide the most promising avenue of escape. At Alta Mira, we offer multilevel recovery plans for heroin addiction and any co-occurring conditions that may be diagnosed, relying on methodologies that have helped untold numbers of men and women overcome serious drug abuse issues.

Recovery treatment plans for heroin dependency at Alta Mira feature:

  • Safe, supervised detox. Heroin withdrawal can be highly stressful and unpleasant, which is why recovery should begin in a supervised medical detox program under the watchful care of a team of medical professionals. Various strategies will be employed to lessen the impact and severity of withdrawal symptoms, and it generally takes between one and two weeks for clients in detox to progress to the point where they’re ready to begin formal addiction treatment.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic services. Individuals who become addicted to heroin often have comorbid mental health disorders, which explains in part their need to self-medicate with opioids. Alta Mira diagnosticians will screen for all types of mental and behavioral health conditions, to make sure your final diagnosis is precise and accurate. Based on the results of this examination, our recovery experts will create an individualized plan for you that treats all of your mental and behavioral health disorders simultaneously.
  • Individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Intensive daily therapy will comprise the core of your recovery program. In individual, group, and family therapy sessions, you’ll discuss your encounters with illness and other relevant life experiences, as you launch an in-depth exploration of the underlying factors that may have predisposed you to substance abuse and mental health problems. These sessions will be proactive, uplifting, and solution-oriented, and will incorporate specialized therapies that have helped others gain important insights.
  • Complementary wellness services. Treatment programs at Alta Mira include holistic practices, experiential therapies, and educational experiences that can enhance your personal development. Our extensive holistic and experiential programming can help you rebuild your emotional and psychological immune systems, giving you greater resiliency as you confront immense life challenges in the months and years ahead.
  • Continuing care. Continuing care programs offered through Alta Mira include a balanced menu of individual, group, and family therapy sessions, medication management assistance, and specialized counseling or instruction in topics related to addiction and relapse prevention. At Alta Mira our commitment to helping you overcome your heroin addiction endures, well beyond the time you leave our facility to return to your regular life.

Alta Mira’s comprehensive and evidence-based treatment program for heroin addiction offers hope for recovery from this toxic and debilitating condition. With an extensive, long-term commitment to sobriety, and the support of our compassionate experts, your dependence on heroin can be interrupted, managed, and ultimately ended.

Effective Treatments for Co-Occurring Disorders with Heroin Addiction

Heroin abuse often emerges from a lifetime of traumatic experiences, and the mental health difficulties that inevitably develop in their wake. Alta Mira recovery programs will include extensive treatment services for any co-occurring anxiety disorders, mood disorders, or personality disorders that are diagnosed, since lasting sobriety will be impossible to achieve without comprehensive intervention.

We Ensure We’re Treating the Right Thing

Our advanced diagnostic and evaluation procedures will uncover any mental or behavioral health disorders that may accompany your heroin addiction. These conditions likely played a causal role in the development of your drug dependency, and should be thoroughly and assertively treated once they are detected.

We Use the Most Innovative Treatment for Your Care

Alta Mira professionals stay up-to-date on the most recent research findings in the addiction treatment field, and they constantly refine their approach to incorporate these insights. Our recovery programs are personalized, multi-dimensional, and flexible enough to include any services our clients request, as long as they will further the cause of long-term sobriety and sustainable wellness.

Holistic and Experiential Therapies for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Holistic healing practices and vigorous experiential activities add essential depth to Alta Mira’s recovery regimens. Enhanced mindfulness and overall mind-body wellness can be achieved through activities like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and equine therapy. Healthy diet and exercise can also have a transformative effect since drug abuse will dramatically damage physical health.

On a twice-weekly basis, you’ll have the opportunity to travel with your peers to inspiring natural sites and other exciting locations throughout the Bay Area, where you’ll participate in thrilling activities like ziplining, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, and much, much more. Slowly but surely, you’ll become more confident in your ability to perform when challenged, which will prepare you for a fulfilling, drug-free future.

Co-occurring disorders can disrupt your recovery, if they’re left unacknowledged and unaddressed. At Alta Mira, we understand the complexity of substance abuse and the disorders that help sow the seeds of its development. To guarantee the maximum in ideal health, our addiction treatment plans are carefully structured to provide appropriate services for all existing conditions.

Your Alta Mira Recovery Programs Experience

At Alta Mira Recovery Programs, you’ll have the chance to get in touch with your dreams once again, as you strive to lift the veil of heroin addiction. Your sincere commitment to change is your ticket to a brighter future, and we’ll support your efforts to learn, grow, and evolve.

The benefits that make the Alta Mira recovery experience so transformational include:

  • An Extraordinary Location Overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The soothing and majestic landscape will add tranquility and a sense of deeper purpose to your quest for wellness. The gorgeous views of the Bay and the surrounding area will help heal your wounded spirit, as you complete the work necessary to banish heroin from your life.
  • Highly Individualized Care. Your customized recovery plan at Alta Mira will be tailored to meet all of your needs, as someone with a serious medical condition and as a human being who deserves the right to thrive and prosper.
  • Amazing Chefs. The food preparation team at Alta Mira will treat you to a broad range of nutritious and delicious dishes, served in style and with loving care. Great cuisine can help transform your body and mind, which will be in need of replenishment after months or years of neglect.
  • Exceptional Experiential Activities. Complementary healing at Alta Mira is provided through instruction in highly effective holistic stress-management practices, and through exposure to life-affirming experiential activities that will test your mettle and push you beyond your previous limits.

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How to Help a Loved One Get Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is an insidious disorder.

When your loved one becomes addicted to heroin, they may violate your trust, repeatedly. They may deceive you about their drug use and their intent to continue using, which is a manifestation of their sickness and a sign of their desperation.

To stay aware, you must believe your own eyes rather than their words. If your family member is abusing heroin, the signs of physical and emotional distress you perceive will be real, and your loved one’s need for immediate expert intervention will be acute.

At Alta Mira, our treatment experts can answer your questions about heroin addiction and the recovery process, and give you good advice on how to persuade your loved one to accept your recommendation to seek professional help. If your sincere entreaties fail to move them, we can help you find a qualified interventionist, who will work with you to arrange an effective intervention (this procedure can be highly effective if done properly).

Some people who suffer from heroin addiction know they need help, while others are reluctant to face reality. Either way, your involvement could be the key element that finally leads them out of the nightmarish landscapes they’ve inhabited under the influence of heroin.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Heroin addiction is a serious illness that requires intensive treatment. It is also a sign of deeper turmoil and inner conflict. Both the illness and its underlying causes will be addressed thoroughly and sensitively when you come to Alta Mira for treatment.

Create a New Story

Many men and women who struggle with heroin addiction experience repeated relapses, despite their determination to get better.

While overcoming heroin dependency is far from easy, relapse is not a foregone conclusion. At Alta Mira, we emphasize relapse prevention throughout treatment and on into aftercare. After many years of experience, we’ve gained insight into the strategies that work best to prevent chronic relapse, and we integrate them into every recovery regimen as a fundamental element.

Your time in treatment can and should represent a new beginning. You can choose your own destiny, which has been illegitimately stolen by a drug that has no right to control you, now or in the future.

Treatment Outcomes at Alta Mira

An independent study has confirmed the efficiency and effectiveness of the Alta Mira Recovery Programs approach to substance abuse treatment. Alta Mira clients are 50 percent more likely to preserve their sobriety in the first six months after residential treatment than peers who enroll in programs at other facilities. Alta Mira clients are also far less likely to experience continuing issues with comorbid mental health conditions, which are often treated simultaneously with substance use disorders.

Our impressive treatment outcomes are a credit to the expertise and professionalism of our addiction specialists and mental health experts, who always stay current on the latest evidence-based methodologies. We see our clients as human beings with unlimited potential, and that positive, constructive attitude is another reason why we get results.

Alumni Program

Alta Mira alumni form a unique community. They have a connection that transcends time and place, and that is what makes our Alumni Program such an invaluable resource for those who choose to participate.

Through our active and highly interactive Alumni Program, you ll be welcome to attend weekly support group meetings at the Alta Mira facility in San Francisco. If you are unable to make it there, affiliated groups meet in other cities in California, and beyond.

Other offerings for alumni include two-day workshops that cover topics of vital importance to the recovery community, along with other special events that feature opportunities to meet and greet those who’ve encountered the same difficulties with substance abuse at various points in their lives. You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to stay up-to-date on these activities and to hear news about the amazing accomplishments of your peers.

Our Alumni Program is yet another way Alta Mira stays involved in your life and your recovery. We’re always available to help, out of respect for you and the deep commitment you’ve made to finding and embracing sobriety.

Alta Mira offers comprehensive treatment for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

Contact us today to start the journey toward lasting recovery from heroin addiction.