Alta Mira Recovery – San Francisco, California Alcohol Rehab Center

Alta Mira Recovery drug and alcohol rehab center is situated in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, at the heart of the San Francisco Bay area. The precise location for our California alcohol rehab and drug treatment center was chosen very thoughtfully as we believe that calm, serene, and simply breathtaking surroundings of the legendary Alta Mira Hotel greatly enhance the rehabilitation experience. We also wanted a location that offered that natural beauty while also giving us the space we need to respect our clients’ needs for privacy and security.

When a person is fully committed to their recovery they can achieve whatever they set out to no matter their surroundings. As such, we believe recovery is possible no matter the location of the rehab center you choose. That said, among the primary advantages our stunning California alcohol rehab offers our clients is the opportunity to set about the important path of reflecting, rejuvenating, and restoring their physical, mental and spiritual selves in surroundings that are inspiring in their raw beauty. The advantages this offers are immeasurable.

In sobriety, your life will come into mesmerizing focus in ways you might not think possible at the moment. Beginning that journey toward sobriety at Alta Mira’s acclaimed California alcohol rehab helps give you a visual representation of how wonderful you’re about to feel, and all the wonderful ways you’re about to change your life for the better. Making the decision to enter rehab presents an avalanche of emotions, which might include fear, uncertainty, and excitement. Our team is ready to help you put that fear behind you, and realize that sometimes uncertainty can yield the best consequences when it is guided by positive changes.

You and Alcohol: A Toxic Relationship

Like most toxic relationships, your adventures with alcohol were probably fun and exhilarating when they started. And for many of our clients, things stayed this way for years! The fact that you’ve become addicted to alcohol can go unnoticed for a very long time, with many people not even realizing it themselves. Maybe you’re having a few glasses of wine at the end of most days, or perhaps you have a party-packed lifestyle where the drinks are always just an arm’s length away? Whatever your alcoholic beverage of choice, whatever the circumstances under which you usually drink, one thing is true for almost every alcoholic we’ve treated – you and alcohol are as close as two “friends” can be.

We refer to what you and alcohol share as a “relationship” because that’s what it becomes. Alcohol grows to be the partner that you reach for when times are good, and when times are bad. It becomes the trustworthy sidekick who is always there to champion your accomplishments, and soften the fall of the blows life deals you. Alcohol always answers the phone; alcohol never says “no.” Because of this, it can be easy for an alcoholic to romanticize what alcohol has done for them, the same way we do with other bad relationships. One of the many things we’ll focus on in your time at our California alcohol rehab is that while alcohol may have been a part of some of your best memories, freeing yourself from the grip of alcohol does not make those memories disappear.

The life you have lived is still your own; all the good you’ve done and experienced is still yours to claim. Alcohol may try to convince you that it deserves some of the credit, and that the good times simply won’t be as good as they once were without it. But deep down you know that’s not true. A real friend doesn’t leave you feeling helpless, shaking, and sick to your stomach when they aren’t around. A real friend doesn’t manipulate you into having just “one more drink” when you know you shouldn’t. A real friend doesn’t put your friendships, romantic relationships, or professional life on the line. Alcohol is not a real friend. But real friends are exactly who you can expect to meet at Alta Mira Recovery California alcohol rehab. And the real friend we think you’re going to like best is the sober version of yourself.

You Are Ready to Take the Next Step

It’s important to remember that you’re reading this because you’ve reached a breaking point in your alcohol addiction. You know alcohol is keeping you from living the full, rich life you want and so deeply deserve. You might be nervous, you might be feeling a bit scared – these and so many other emotions are completely natural. Do not let conflicting emotions fool you into believing you aren’t strong enough to stand up to alcohol and put the bottle or glass down once and for all. We know, and you know, that you are.

For further information about what you can expect from your Alta Mira Recovery treatment, please read more about our 3-stage alcohol rehab center. Have further questions, or are ready to make an important, giant step toward a sober future? Reach out to us by phone today and a knowledgeable, helpful, caring member of our team will be waiting for your call.

We are confident our California alcohol rehab center will provide you with the help and tools you need to live your life alcohol-free. We’re looking forward to you discovering how good freedom from alcohol truly feels.