Break the Cycle of High-Tech Stress and Addiction in Palo Alto: Seek Help in Residential Treatment

Even if you have nothing to do with Stanford University, Palo Alto is a prime place to live. If you’re working for HP, Tesla, Skype, Facebook, or any of the other major tech and creative companies in the area, you probably moved here for the work and stayed for the fantastic weather and intellectual community. The quiet can also be endearing: when the summer fog rolls in at night and blankets the small city, businesses close, and El Camino Real finally pauses to take a breath.

Seek Help in Residential Treatment

Life in Palo Alto may not match the excitement of a big city, but it’s still a wonderful place for families and professionals to build their lives. Living in (or driving through) Professorville, supporting the Oaks every summer, visiting the Cantor Arts Center, and taking beach trips to Half Moon Bay can really make your days feel worthwhile—and help make the price tag worth it. Even with a lower property tax rate, Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in the Bay Area, but most residents don’t seem to mind.

Palo Alto may be beautiful, but its fast-paced, high-tech tempo can sometimes become a burden. Many residents feel a significant pressure to fit in and keep up appearances, and it can be difficult to get away from work in a city that revolves around success. People cope with these stresses in different ways—sometimes, by escaping from them through the use (and abuse) of addictive substances.

If you’re one of many Palo Alto locals struggling with addiction, it might be helpful to venture a little further from home to get away from the stresses of living in PA—go just an hour north on Highway 101 and you’ll find Alta Mira, a residential treatment center dedicated to providing the highest quality environment and care for individuals on the path to recovery. Our team specializes in helping clients with substance addictions and co-occurring disorders return to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you or a loved one can start on the journey of healing.

Lead image source: Flickr user Allie_Caulfield