Reconnect with Life in Redwood City

The heart of Silicon Valley, the gem of the Peninsula, the vibrant suburb of the South Bay—Redwood City has earned its share of Bay Area nicknames by being an idyllic place for families and professionals to build their lives. From being saddled once upon a time with the unfortunate nickname “Deadwood City,” the 150-year-old community in San Mateo County has definitely come a long way from its quiet beginnings.

Begin Your Path to Addiction Recovery in Residential Treatment

The city’s happening downtown area, crowned with the title of “climate best by government test,” has steadily developed into a fun place for family-friendly nightlife, with its theaters, restaurants, and free concerts every summer. Whether you’re visiting the local farmer’s market or having your food delivered by Doordash delivery robots, working creatively at Dreamworks or getting your corporate on at Oracle, Redwood City has become quite the interesting place to live. Whether you reside in Westport, Oakwood, or Eagle Hill, or other Redwood City neighborhoods, this dynamic city on the peninsula is a great place to both live and work.

Imagine being unable to appreciate the simple pleasures of living in this hidden gem of a city, like basking underneath the trees on the Purisima Redwoods Loop, or strolling alongside the canals in Redwood Shores. Addiction robs us of such subtle treasures, and if you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, you know all too well that even the most beautiful view or the most entertaining nightlife can serve as only a brief distraction at best. When even the tranquility of the Pulgas Water Temple or a picnic in Red Morton Community Park can’t seem to restore your peace of mind, it may be time to seek professional help.

Redwood City residents can rest assured that exceptional care exists nearby in North Bay—just far enough away to provide the distance you need to put your addiction behind you. Alta Mira’s inpatient program for addiction treatment is located in peaceful Sausalito and is designed to holistically help mind, body, and spirit recover from the effects of addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Reach out to us today to learn how we can work together to bring you or a loved one back to an addiction-free lifestyle in Redwood City. Dug the T-Rex will be eager to welcome you home again.

Lead image source: Flickr user Ed Bierman