Marin County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Welcome to Alta Mira, where we provide the world-class addiction treatment options for drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring disorders in Marin County. Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in our convenient Mill Valley location, we provide the very best clinical care with both day and evening options for those who need structured recovery support while managing daily life commitments. Whether you are concerned for yourself or a loved one, we understand that you are suffering. And we’re here to help.

At our Marin County addiction treatment centers, you will learn essential skills for navigating a life in recovery and managing symptoms of co-occurring disorders, including depression, trauma, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. You will participate in individual therapy, process groups, holistic treatment services, and educational groups, using evidence-based treatment methods. Why is this important? Because research has shown that these are the most effective treatment methods for helping you thrive in recovery.

Alta Mira provides the most advanced and sophisticated substance abuse treatment centers in the area, with both residential and outpatient options available, and promise that you can expect the kindest, most compassionate care from our team. Our reputation and close proximity to San Francisco allow us to attract best-in-class specialists who are renowned in their areas of expertise. In short, we provide life-changing treatment.

Why Choose Our Substance Abuse Treatment?

  • We focus on evidence-based treatment methods, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP)
  • Next, we have weekly individual therapy and 2 to 3 process groups per week
  • Additionally, we offer a range of educational and life-skills groups every week, covering topics such as healthy coping mechanisms, skills for independent living, financial recovery, emotional sobriety, and healthy relationships
  • 12-step recovery model helps you establish ongoing peer support essential to long term maintenance of recovery
  • Most noteworthy is our psychological and cognitive testing when appropriate
  • And lastly, psychiatric services can be arranged as needed

Living with addiction can feel isolating and hopeless, whether it is your own addiction or that of a loved one. Please know that help is available. We are here 24/7 to listen to your concerns and help you understand your treatment options. If we are not a good fit for you, we are happy to recommend other programs in the area. Please reach out to us today.