Alta Mira Recovery – All-Inclusive High-End Rehab in California

We all know the three most important things to consider when choosing a home or job – location, location, location! And at Alta Mira Recovery, we feel location is also an important factor is choosing a high-end rehab. We set out to create an all-inclusive drug and alcohol rehab where every possible element of recovery and personal comfort was considered. It didn’t take us long to choose a spectacularly serene setting in the historic Alta Mira Hotel overlooking the San Francisco Bay to serve as home for that rehab.

Privacy + Serenity = Freedom

Our breathtaking grounds are gated as your privacy is of the utmost importance, but our unique location near the water helps you enjoy both the security and comfort of that privacy, as well as the liberating freedom of natural beauty as far as the eye can see. Our security is “out of sight, out of mind” for our clients, so you can enjoy the safety and privacy we offer you without feeling as though you are confined in any way.

Focusing on your sobriety is all about breaking free from the confines of addiction. It is about regaining control of your life so that you are the one making decisions – not drugs, not alcohol, not depression, not anxiety, not self-doubt, not past trauma. Alta Mira Recovery’s high-end rehab was very thoughtfully designed to create an environment that is wonderfully representative of that freedom with safety and security at its foundation.

There are countless external and internal elements that try to rob us of our freedom every day, and at Alta Mira you will learn that the answer to silencing them all is within you. We will help prepare you, through your active engagement in a fully-customized treatment program, to step outside our gates and back into your life with everything you need to live successfully on your own terms. We are already excited for you to experience what true personal freedom feels like, and are confident your life will be better than you ever imagined possible.

Why a San Francisco Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Just as Ariel memorably sang in The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World,” we “want to be where the people are.” The population of the Bay Area continues to grow as more people become familiar with all it has to offer in natural beauty, professional opportunities, and recreational endeavors. Whatever it is you most enjoy doing, San Francisco is likely among the best places to do it! Recognizing this growth early made San Francisco a premiere location choice for Alta Mira Recovery high-end rehab as it allows us to treat San Franciscans and other residents of the San Francisco Bay Area who wish to stay close to home, while also offering them a space that is far removed from the daily hustle-and-bustle many deal with living in the heart of San Francisco and surrounding areas.

That said, we are by no means a California rehab for Californians alone. Many of our clients travel to Alta Mira Recovery from all corners of the country and beyond. Some are intentionally looking for a rehab center that is far removed from home, while for others the distance from home isn’t a motivating factor, but they have decided that California or San Francisco specifically is where they wish to begin their recovery journey. Many of our clients take what they learn at Alta Mira Recovery home with them where they plan to rebuild their lives, while others have expressed an interest in relocating to the Bay Area once they experience firsthand how much beauty, opportunity and recovery there is here. Many of our clients build connections in local 12-step meetings in the community while they are in treatment with us, so they often choose to stay in the area after they discharge to benefit from their sober family. Whether you are looking to begin your sober life somewhere entirely new, are perfectly content where you currently live, or are already a Californian, Alta Mira Recovery high-end rehab makes a perfect choice for myriad reasons.

High-End Rehab – Because Focusing on Sobriety is a Gift, Not a Punishment

When it comes to high-end rehab facilities, people have a lot of opinions. And unfortunately, sometimes those opinions are not the most positive. An opinion that we’ve encountered more than once in conversations with people who don’t fully understand what we offer is, “But it’s not supposed to be a vacation, it’s supposed to help people get clean!” And our answer is always, “And that’s precisely what we do at Alta Mira Recovery.”

Helping people move forward from a life where they are dependent on drugs and alcohol into a life where they are free from the grips of addiction is the primary goal for the Alta Mira team, and the path toward that life is truly unique for every client we work with. But for as unique as each person’s journey is, something we have found that holds true for everyone who treats with us is that they do not deserve punishment. In fact, their addiction has already been punishment enough in itself. It can be challenging to engage in treatment, so being comfortable, well fed, and treated by caring professionals is extremely important.

Drug and alcohol addiction can rob us of countless opportunities, damage precious relationships, negatively impact our physical, mental, and spiritual health, and leave us feeling helpless and alone more times than we can count. Making the decision to attend Alta Mira Recovery high-end rehab is not an extension of that punishment – it is 100% the opposite!

The talented, experienced, and caring team at Alta Mira Recovery is looking forward to helping you through your first major steps on the path to recovery. What you learn here will help guide you long after you’ve completed your inpatient treatment. Recovery is a truly priceless gift you give first and foremost to yourself, but also to everyone who knows and loves you. It is cause for celebration, as it’s the beginning of a wonderful life of true freedom. Contact us today to take that first, giant, celebratory step.