Executive Rehab Center

Choosing to enter an executive rehab center can be one of the most difficult and stressful decisions of anyone’s life. There are many unknowns, especially if this is your first time choosing to seek treatment for addiction. The Alta Mira executive rehab center in Northern California can offer many advantages that other facilities may not be able to, including the ability to maintain your work obligations while in treatment.

If you’re a high-level executive considering rehab, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to bring your work to your treatment program. Making yourself available for work commitments comes with pros and cons, and it’s crucial to consider them all. Regardless of your choice, what matters most is that your executive treatment plan is tailored to fit your individual needs, whether that’s working from treatment, not working from treatment, or someplace in between.

At Alta Mira, we can adapt to meet the needs of executives by offering to integrate key meetings—things they just can’t miss—into their treatment plans.That can make it easier for them to avoid uncomfortable questions about a long-term absence, and help them maintain their privacy. Taking on a few work responsibilities while undergoing treatment makes sense for some (like Tristen), but not for all, and it’s something you’ll have to think critically about when you’re considering your own options for treatment.

Working from an Executive Rehab Center

There are a couple of reasons why working from treatment benefits those who choose to do so. The most practical is that taking on work-related commitments while you’re in an executive rehab program gives you a supported space in which to learn to manage work triggers. To start, you’ll “prep” for a business call or meeting during a therapy session in which your therapist guides you in identifying your triggers, and then helps you brainstorm healthier and more effective ways that you can deal with them. Then, you’ll debrief during a second session, after your meeting, where you can process what went well, what went less than well, and what you can adjust for next time.

Working from an executive rehab center can also help conceal your absence from colleagues and clients. In the age of the internet and social media, everything happens in real-time. CEOs and other high-profile execs often act as “brand stewards” for the companies they lead, and their images are paramount. Your job is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but attending an important decision-making meeting (whether that’s in person with the help of a sober companion, or by video conference) can still help keep prying eyes and ears from interrogating your absence.

Common Barriers That Keep Executives from Seeking Rehab

A comprehensive, private, residential treatment center that understands the needs of executives can help them overcome this addiction that threatens everything. But too often, they refuse. They avoid treatment, from worrying over one of the following stumbling blocks.

  • Fear of stigma.
  • Fear of being away from work.
  • Fear of losing the job.
  • Financial concerns.
  • Letting down the team.
  • Fear of losing a big deal.
  • Childcare/custody issues.

Intensive executive rehab is often a key to successful recovery. Getting help from a team of trained professionals, who treat the executive with the compassion they deserve and the respect for privacy that they require, can help to overcome the colonizing force of addiction. Executives respond very well to treatment that understands all of the barriers listed above and is able to address them. In our executive rehab centers, we can offer time for business meetings, so that work doesn’t completely stop.

Treatments at an Executive Rehab Center

The Alta Mira executive rehab center offers state-of-the-art treatment programs while surrounding the residents and staff with all the amenities of a residential home. This enables a recovering addict to experience the best evidence-based treatment modalities and focus on the difficult emotional work of recovery within a healing, safe, and familiar space.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a treatment modality that helps a recovering addict learn new ways to think about life and the situations they face on a daily basis while retraining the mind to consider newer, better ways of reacting to those situations. The therapy is a partnership between the recovering addict and the counselor, rather than the older model of therapy that consisted of continued therapy sessions that could meander for years prior to any progress being made. CBT is usually set on a 16-week schedule that includes homework, self-assessments, individual and group therapy. Coupled with individualized treatment and medication, when needed, CBT has proven itself as one of the most effective treatments for drug and alcohol addiction.

Alternative treatments are also available at our Northern California executive rehab center:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Meditation
  • Pilates
  • Music and art therapy

These alternative therapies have proven effective for many recovering addicts who have applied what they learned in executive rehab to their daily lives. Problem-solving skills are some of the most important lessons taken away from programs involving yoga or equine-assisted therapy. For those who learn to express their feelings through art and music, the possibilities for recovery are endless.

Executive Rehab Center Amenities

Drug rehab can be a stressful time. While undergoing the various therapies available, surrounding yourself with comfortable amenities can make an important difference. There are many benefits to choosing Alta Mira executive rehab rather than a standard residential facility.

Our Northern California executive rehab facility overlooking San Francisco Bay is located in safe, pristine areas away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The grounds are well kept and offer secluded spaces for peaceful reflection with views that can contribute to the solace each resident is looking for.

Exercise is a key component to recovery, and our executive rehab center provides many different avenues, including personal training, sailing, kayaking, basketball and more. Alta Mira offers extracurricular therapeutic activities such as nature hikes and wilderness adventures, as well.

Executive Rehab Center Accommodations

Standard residential facilities often room more than one recovering addict in the same sleeping space in a model similar to that of a dormitory at a college or university. Small rooms with two or more beds provide little space for comfort or reflection.

At the Alta Mira executive rehab center, private rooms for residents are available. Learning how to manage one’s alone time is a critical part of the rehab process. Each bedroom in a executive rehab is furnished with comfort in mind, with large beds and refined linens. There is space to relax, write in your journal, or prepare letters to family and friends, as well as sleep, with fine furnishings throughout.

The bathing facilities at Alta Mira are also private. With separate showers and deep, full-sized bathtubs, the residents can relax and soothe away the aches of the day while soaking in an elegant bath.

Privacy in Executive Rehab


The issue of confidentiality can be a serious deterrent for people to even seek rehab for addiction, and this is especially true for executives and others in high-profile positions. But the assumptions that participation will inevitably threaten your position or scar your reputation are false; the law secures your job and executive alcohol treatment centers are thoroughly equipped to safeguard your privacy according to HIPAA policies and more.

Executive rehab centers supports immersive recovery because you can relax in the secure setting and because so many common stressors are left outside. You can focus more fully on being in the moment and make the most of your time in treatment out of the public eye. You can opt for private accommodations if it would enhance your recovery experience. And you will participate in a welcoming community that shares your respect and desire for confidentiality.

Your First Day in Our Executive Rehab Center

On your first day at Alta Mira we’ll give you a full introduction to our facilities, so you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings and begin to feel at home. Our goal from the first moment you step on facility grounds is to make you feel comfortable, welcome, and accepted.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by staff who understand your fears and concerns about executive drug and alcohol rehab, and also your sense of hopefulness about the future. Now that you’ve finally decided to seek treatment, you will begin your journey to wellness in the company of qualified recovery professionals. We will encourage and support your efforts to overcome drug abuse every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect during your first 24 hours in executive addiction rehab at Alta Mira:

  • Together with an admissions specialist, you’ll review your paperwork to make sure you understand everything involved in the admittance and treatment process.
  • You’ll be given a guided tour of the facilities, to familiarize you with our program, policies, and treatment center grounds.
  • You’ll have brief interactions with your peers and members of our staff you’ll be working with during your 30- to 90-day stay in our treatment center.
  • After enjoying a good night’s sleep, you’ll meet with a psychiatrist to undergo comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluation. This will allow us to fully diagnose your condition or conditions and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your substance use and mental health issues in their totality.

Your first day in executive rehab should be the start of something special. As treatment progresses, we’ll be there to help you rebuild your life around sobriety and a commitment to good health.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Addiction is a disease that unfortunately has no cure. Treatment and recovery last a lifetime, and sometimes recovery is marked by instances of relapse. In order to lessen the chances for relapse, our executive rehab program will provide aftercare and support. Alta Mira offers monthly meetings to monitor progress as well as the option to return for more treatment should an additional stay become necessary. A standard residential facility is more likely to turn your care over to a local 12-step support group and only become concerned with your progress if you need to re-enter the rehab facility at a later date.

At Alta Mira, we’ve built an executive rehab center program that maximizes your chances of long-term recovery. We specialize in treating substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric conditions, and in helping people regain control over their lives and their fates.

Our innovative clinical programs and peaceful San Francisco Bay location will help you replenish your energy and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We offer effective and empathetic care and support in a relaxed environment, where you can focus completely on your sobriety without being distracted by outside pressures or concerns.

If you’re ready to begin healing and want to learn more about our addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment programs, please contact us today.