Prescription Drug Rehab

When the world becomes hazy and out of control from your drug addiction, it can be difficult to see clearly to a time when you will be whole again. Drug rehab, or rehabilitation, offers new hope for you or your loved one. Whether you are addicted to street drugs or prescription drugs that were meant to solve a health problem, addiction eats away at your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We can’t foresee the future, but there is a brighter one ahead when you take that step to recovery in a center that offers expert drug rehab services.

How to Tell If You Have a Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs is something that can sneak up on you, so it helps to be aware of the red flags when you are taking any kind of addictive substance for health concerns. When somethingsolves a problem, we usually look at the benefits, and that list of side effects, including addiction, can go unnoticed.

Whenever you are prescribed a drug that could be addictive, your doctor will monitor your use, but it’s important to heed their advice. Medications for pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders have a high potential for addiction. If you or a family member are taking one of these types (or any prescription drug that has addictive qualities), watch for these signs:

  • You are taking more than the required and prescribed dosage, even when you are well.
  • The desire for the drug leads you to search for ways to get more if your doctor stops your prescription. This can cause you to do things you never imagined, such as doctor shopping, fraudulent prescriptions, theft of drugs, or buying them on the street.
  • You can lose your appetite for life, and your appetite for the things your body needs. If your prescription drug use has turned into abuse, you may be less effective at work or less interested in the joys of life and even your family and friends.

If prescription drugs are causing you to act in a way that is out of character, or you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms that make you feel worse than ever, it’s time to seek help. Prescription drug rehab can help you release the hold of drugs and get back to health.

What Is Prescription Drug Rehab?

A program of recovery or prescription drug rehabilitation encompasses a variety of treatments that are best suited to you and your lifestyle. If you have been taking prescription medications to the point of addiction, you need to wean your body and brain from the substances. A medically supervised detox is the best way to achieve this with as little discomfort as possible. When caring professionals see you through this difficult time, they can offer comfort and ensure that you are able to rest and get better safely. They may also provide medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

Once your system is free of drugs, you can work on coping strategies for not only the addiction but also the condition that started you on this journey. Treatment in a rehab facilityin a residential setting for 30 or 90 days gives you time to heal, to reflect, and to work with caring and expert professionals who understand how prescription drug addiction affects you. Your family can also take part in your recovery. Rehab can encompass body/mind care such as group and individual therapy; psychiatric services, which help those who have co-occurring disorders; peer support programs; spirituality and holistic services, such as acupuncture and massage; as well as physical fitness routines to treat your physical symptoms.

Hope is Just a Phone Call Away


Aftercare for Prescription Drug Addiction

Can you remember when the view from the other side of your eyes was filled with hope? When you leave rehab, that all becomes possible, but you still need the support of a caring group of people. Consider an intensive outpatient program to continue your healing journey and support your choice not to turn back to prescription drug abuse. When you are back at home, it helps to have support from peers who have been where you are and are still working on recovery. You can find a meeting nearby. You can find meaning in your life again and see the world in the way you were meant to—clear-eyed and free from the pain of addiction.

Please contact us today to learn more about prescription drug rehab, our campus, and therapies for body and mind to help you or your loved one with recovery.