Effective treatment for alcoholism

Effective treatment for alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder is comprehensive treatment. It’s also personalized treatment – care that is provided by a rehabilitation program that has the resources to ensure that every obstacle in the road of the patient’s recovery is addressed.

How does an alcohol rehab program provide comprehensive care to the individual patient? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse(NIDA), concerned family members should make sure that their addicted loved one is enrolled in a program that offers:

  • Medical care. Addiction is a medical disorder, one that affects the brain and its function as well as mental and emotional health and the body. In some cases, detox will be necessary to help the patient through withdrawal symptoms. In other cases, medical care may be needed to help the patient overcome the issues caused by or related to active alcohol abuse and addiction.
  • Range of therapies. Family therapy, outdoors and adventure therapy, sports therapy, cinema therapy, nutritional therapy, animal-assisted therapy – all these and more can be a huge benefit to a patient in addition to the traditional options of personal and group therapy sessions.
  • Unique treatment plans. Each patient has a different experience in addiction and will therefore require a personalized treatment plan to address the issues that they face as they reach for recovery. No cookie-cutter treatment program that herds a group of patients through set steps or therapeutic goals is appropriate for all patients, and it is more likely that your loved one will be successful in a program that allows for tailor-made treatment plans created for their individual needs.
  • The right details. The right setting is important, as are the education and experience of the staff members. This also involves the right number of patients included in the program and the right access to different therapies and treatments as well as specialists. It can also mean the right amenities – single rooms, outdoor activities, organic cuisine, etc. Overall, a healthy environment must prevail.
  • All issues must be addressed, not just alcohol dependence. Addiction is a complex disorder and almost always indicative of co-occurring or underlying issues. It is important that these issues be addressed during treatment, providing the patient with as many positive, healthy coping skills as possible in order to prevent relapse due to a struggle with ongoing chronic mental health symptoms, behavioral disorders, or situational stressors.
  • Long-term care. Studies show that the longer an addicted person spends in rehab, the better equipped they will be to remain sober when they return home. Thus, longer treatment is equated with higher rates of success in recovery, so the alcohol rehab you choose for your loved one should allow for the privilege of staying as long as necessary in order to gain a strong foothold in sobriety.
  • Regular assessments. No matter how long your loved one attends alcohol rehab, during their stay they will make progress on their treatment plan and move toward their treatment goals. These goals should be routinely assessed in order to ensure that the right goals are at focus in therapy sessions and that the right type of therapy is being utilized.

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