How Do You Know It’s Time for Addiction Treatment?

The decision to get treatment for addiction speaks to a commitment to personal transformation and the hope for a better future. Reaching that decision, however, can be a difficult process, particularly as both you and those around you may be deeply invested in denying the severity of your substance abuse. Acknowledging the need for addiction treatment requires honest reflection on the impact substance abuse is having on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Whether spurred by your own concern for your well-being or concerns raised by family and friends, taking inventory of the damage caused by your drug or alcohol use is a critical part of recognizing when it’s time to seek help.

The 4 Ls

The consequences of substance abuse can typically be categorized within the four Ls:


Is your substance use interfering with your ability to make a living? Have you been unsuccessful achieving your education goals? Has your job or professional status been compromised? Have you experienced job loss, impaired function, or been disciplined by your employer?


Are your relationships being damaged by your alcohol or drug use? This can include not only disintegration of romantic relationships, but also discord with family and friends.


Is your substance use damaging or threatening to damage your health? While liver damage is a common result of some types of substance abuse, here it also stands in for any type of health issues caused or aggravated by your substance use, including mental health disorders and emotional distress.


Have you experienced legal ramifications for your substance use? These consequences may be the direct result of your addiction, such as drunk driving or possession arrests, or the indirect result of your substance use, such as disorderly conduct or assault charges. For some, the legal fallout from addiction does not come in the form of criminal charges at all, but in civil consequences such as losing custody of children.

Experiencing any one of these consequences is a strong indication that your substance use has gotten out of control. Continuing to use drugs or alcohol despite ramifications is the hallmark of addiction, and once addiction has taken hold, it is imperative that you get the help you need to overcome that addiction and begin to heal from the harm that substance abuse has caused. If you are considering addiction treatment, some part of you already recognizes that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol; after all, exceedingly few people wonder whether they should call a treatment facility if they do not fully realize they need help. Listen to and honor that part of yourself that wants to stop the cycle of addiction and damage.

Addiction Treatment at Alta Mira

Alta Mira’s comprehensive addiction treatment program offers the therapies, structure, and compassionate care needed to break free from addiction and create a strong foundation for ongoing growth and recovery. If you are questioning whether it’s time for addiction treatment, we invite you to contact us any time to learn more about our innovative program or the recovery process in general. We are always available to provide support, guidance, and answers to any questions you may have regarding addiction treatment and how you can start on the path to healing.