If You’re Not Sure You or Your Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment

Coming to the realization that you or your loved one needs addiction treatment can be a difficult journey that often has stops and starts along the way as you vacillate between moments of denial and clarity. In some cases, the very human impulse to minimize damage causes you to ignore what is right in front of you. In other cases, you may not have a complete picture of your loved one’s substance use and second-guess yourself despite knowing in your heart that something is wrong.

If you are the one struggling with addiction you may know perfectly well that your substance use has reached dangerous levels, but sobriety is an uninviting prospect that you fear will leave you worse off than you are now.

If you are not sure you or your loved one needs addiction treatment, we encourage you to explore the pages below and thoughtfully consider your options.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Treatment?

It is often difficult to recognize the point at which addiction treatment becomes necessary. This guide helps you take inventory of the consequences of substance use and assess the need for treatment.

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What Is Life Like When You’re Addicted?

Gaining insight into what life is like for an addict can help you develop a deeper understanding of what your loved one is experiencing and develop strategies for guiding them toward recovery.

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Characteristics of Drug Addictions

Not knowing exactly which drugs your loved one is taking is a frightening experience and can make you feel helpless. By understanding the effects of different types of drugs, you may be able to identify what your loved one is using.

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Gifts of Recovery: Why Sobriety Is Worth It

Your addiction may convince you that you are better off using than sober, but the truth is that sobriety opens up a new world of joy and connection, allowing you to achieve your true potential.

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The decision to begin addiction treatment seldom comes easily, but by reflecting on the impact substance use is having on your life, the reality of life as an addict, and the possibilities of sobriety, you can begin to more honestly evaluate whether treatment is the best choice for you and your family. If you would like more personal guidance regarding your unique situation or have questions regarding any aspect of addiction treatment, we invite you to contact us at any time.