Free Yourself from the Grip of Alcohol Addiction

At Alta Mira, we have made it our purpose to help you gain independence from alcohol addiction. Our clinical team will guide you to re-create your life as a masterpiece of sobriety, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. With the education, tools, and peer support options provided by our program, you will find that alcoholism is a highly treatable disease.

You will have access to the most advanced and comprehensive treatment available, making detox and sobriety more manageable than ever before. By participating in our program and ongoing social support groups, you can begin to paint a future founded on long-lasting recovery.

The first 10 days were tough. But every time I would start to panic, I was eased back into myself with a gentle hand of compassion.

Camille S., Alta Mira Alumna
Bridges to Recovery Testimonial

The first 10 days were tough. But every time I would start to panic, I was eased back into myself with a gentle hand of compassion.

Camille S., Alta Mira Alumna

Expert Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Alta Mira

Elements of our 3-Stage Program include:

Stage 1: Detoxification (detox): At Alta Mira, we begin our treatment program with round-the-clock medically-monitored detox. An Alta Mira goal is to help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout your time with us. Therefore, our experts offer a range of medication options, allowing you to experience smoother transitions as your body detoxes.

  • With private detox rooms in our historic hotel overlooking the San Francisco Bay, we have worked to create a serene environment in which to serve your needs during this stage of your care. The detox stage typically lasts 3 to 5 days, although we determine each program individually.
  • At the end of detox, you will move from your detox room to accommodations in one of the residences located on the Alta Mira campus, where you will begin the residential program. You will work together with our staff to decide whether the 30-day or 90-day residential program is your best choice.

Stage 2: 30-Day Core Program: This program addresses the neurobiological, psychological, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. This program includes comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation, individual and group counseling, inspiring holistic and experiential therapies, educational programming that teaches recovery skills, family dynamics therapy, and the development of peer support through AA or other community groups.


Stage 2: 90-Day Comprehensive Program: This truly comprehensive program includes everything included in the 30-day program plus continued work on co-occurring disorders, deeper work on family relationships, trauma, grief and loss, money, and other intensive workshops that teach key recovery skills. The 90-Day program is ideal if you have struggled with relapse, need additional time to work on co-occurring disorders or other life challenges, or want the additional time to practice and strengthen your routine and resolve in sobriety. Our experts work with you to help you select the Alta Mira program that best supports your recovery needs and goals.

Stage 3: Continuing Care Program: We know that wondering what will happen when you leave treatment can be stressful. That’s why we do everything we can to prepare you for a smooth transition to life outside of our campus. You will be granted ongoing access to Alta Mira’s Continuing Care program, and we will also help you establish a peer support network before leaving us.

  • All discharging clients get a comprehensive continuing care plan which includes referrals back to your care team, addiction psychiatry, intensive outpatient, individual therapy, sober living–whatever resources will be most helpful to your ongoing recovery.
  • Alumni Program: in addition to weekly alumni groups on campus, we also offer quarterly alumni events dedicated to different recovery topics. Alumni meetings and groups are also being established in Los Angeles, New York, and other communities.
  • Peer Support: Peer support is an essential component of long-term recovery, especially for addictions like alcoholism that tend to have a strong social component. We provide you with daily access to 12-step peer support groups including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), NA, and Al-Anon, Smart Recovery, and LifeRing.
  • Meeting Finder: Because peer support is so important for lasting recovery, we offer a free, nationwide database of 12-step meetings for all people in recovery to be able to quickly find meetings near them or across the country from any computer or mobile device.
  • Relapse Prevention Medication: To prepare you for graduation from Alta Mira, we equip you with tools that help ensure lasting sobriety. Near the end of residential treatment, we will work with you to determine if relapse prevention medications are right for you, and, if so, which medications best support your recovery plan.

In our luxurious center overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Alta Mira’s expert team offers the most sophisticated treatment available to address a full range of addiction needs and life challenges. If you are concerned that you or someone you know has developed an alcohol addiction, we can help. Please call us to discuss your concerns. We are here to listen, without judgment. Contact our team for a consultation.