Effective Solutions for Chronic Relapse

If you have struggled to maintain sobriety, Alta Mira’s world-class treatment for chronic relapse offers you a reason to believe in lasting recovery. Our exceptional clinical program will provide you with the hope, skills, and knowledge needed to overcome a pattern of chronic relapse.

When clients come to us after relapse, they often feel disheartened. They believe they have failed, and they don’t think they will ever manage to maintain sobriety. At Alta Mira, we know that clients who struggle with chronic relapse have not failed; you just haven’t found the most effective treatment yet. Our specialists have the experience and wisdom necessary to create the ideal recovery plan for your individual needs.

Chronic relapse may occur if you have an underlying issue–a co-occurring mental health disorder that isn’t being properly treated. Until the disorder is addressed in conjunction with the addiction, sustained sobriety can be difficult.

Therefore, Alta Mira’s experts will give you comprehensive assessments (psychological, cognitive and vocational tests, along with medical, clinical and psychiatric evaluations) early in the program to help identify the best treatment options for you. Based on this knowledge, we design a highly customized treatment program that will help you deal with your own unique issues, effectively treating the roots of the relapse problem rather than temporarily covering up the symptoms.

In addition to our focus on individualized treatment plans to resolve emotional and mental health issues, the Alta Mira team knows that it’s important for you to satisfy your need for family, social, and spiritual fulfillment in order to maintain sobriety. We address this by combining a sophisticated clinical program, extensive opportunities for spiritual development, access to peer support groups, and intensive work on family dynamics, relationships, and codependency.

I tried other treatment programs, and always relapsed. Before arriving at Alta Mira, I felt hopeless. I’m eternally grateful.

Kristina, Alta Mira Alumna
Bridges to Recovery Testimonial

I tried other treatment programs, and always relapsed. Before arriving at Alta Mira, I felt hopeless. I’m eternally grateful.

Kristina, Alta Mira Alumna

To help prevent relapse, Alta Mira offers:

  • Spiritual Focus: You may be using alcohol or drugs to fill a perceived spiritual void or lack of meaning in your life. Therefore, in order to help prevent relapse, we offer you a variety of different opportunities to connect with your spirituality. Our staff includes holistic therapists such as meditation and yoga teachers, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Personal and group therapy sessions also inspire spiritual growth and development.
  • Peer Support: In our experience, many individuals who struggle with chronic relapse lack exposure to and comfort with 12-step peer support groups such as AA, NA, Smart Recovery, and LifeRing. We integrate peer support work into each day of your treatment, and our continuing care program offers free weekly peer support groups for alumni.
  • Family Program: Family relationships can cause the kind of stress that makes sobriety challenging. That’s why we offer our Family Program, giving you the opportunity for deeper work on issues that can help support lasting recovery, including intensive work on codependency, forgiveness, and family relationships. This level of in-depth recovery work makes a significant difference for those struggling with relapse.
  • Medication Options to Prevent Relapse: Medications that help prevent relapse can make it easier for you to maintain sobriety by controlling cravings. Our experts work with you to find the ideal relapse prevention medication options based on your recovery goals.

We hope we can help you with overcoming your chronic relapse struggles. We want to encourage you to take heart in these words by Stephen R. Covey: “Just as we develop our physical muscles by overcoming opposition–as in lifting weights–we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” With support from the Alta Mira team, you can overcome immense challenges. Please contact us today with all of your questions.