Don’t Let Drug Abuse Control Your Life

At Alta Mira, our world-class drug addiction program is highly effective in helping our clients achieve lasting freedom from addictive substances. Our team of experts has created a sophisticated dual diagnosis treatment program that will empower you to experience relief from both the drug addiction and any underlying mental health issues (such as anxiety or depression) that may contribute to your drug use. We are equipped with a variety of tools to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible as you embark on the journey to a healthier future.

Seeking Treatment For Drug Addiction

In listening to our clients’ stories, we hear many reasons why they started using drugs. Some started using because drugs brought relief from physical pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, or a host of uncomfortable emotions. Sometimes a doctor prescribed an addictive medication following a medical procedure that got them hooked. Others started because it was acceptable and normal among their friends or family. The one common denominator in these stories: none of them ever began using with the vision of becoming an addict.

But once the need for treatment is recognized, their choice is Alta Mira. Even though treatment requires a short-term break from life as usual, the time you will spend at our center is an investment in a healthier future, which benefits you, your family, and your career. Our highly skilled therapists will work with you to help resolve emotional issues, empowering you to forgive yourself for past mistakes and behaviors. With Alta Mira’s help, lasting recovery truly is achievable.

Alta Mira nurtured me from the inside out.

James H., Alta Mira Alumnus
Bridges to Recovery Testimonial

Alta Mira nurtured me from the inside out.

James H., Alta Mira Alumnus

Recovery From Drug Addiction at Alta Mira

The Alta Mira addiction experts have designed a 3-stage recovery program that will give you all of the tools you need to regain freedom from drug dependence and reinvigorate your life.

  • Stage 1. Detoxification (detox): The Alta Mira team will work to make sure you receive the highest quality care available during the detox period, which typically lasts 3-5 days, but varies for each individual. This stage is critically important. As harmful as drug use is to the body, stopping without medical supervision can be life-threatening.Our highly trained detox specialists and ASAM-certified (American Society of Addiction Medicine) physicians oversee our first-class medical detox program. Our experts will keep you as comfortable as possible during this time. We offer a range of medication options designed to help you through the transition, in your private detox room in our beautiful hotel overlooking the San Francisco Bay.After successful transition from detox, clients generally continue in our 30-Day Residential Treatment Program or our 90-Day Residential Treatment Program.
  • Stage 2. 30-Day Core Program: After you have successfully completed detox, you will move from the historic hotel to one of our other residences on our main campus for the heart of our recovery program. During this stage, you will begin resolving the issues that have compelled your drug use and develop the necessary recovery skills that make long-term sobriety possible.As you are initiated into stage 2, our addiction experts work through a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation, and assign you a Primary Therapist, Recovery Counselor and a “Buddy” (a current resident) who are there to help and support you through every step of the way.You will participate in therapy and educational sessions, reconnect with your body and spirit through our holistic therapy offerings, and join in the peer support meetings that are essential for continued recovery. Our 30-Day program includes two weekly individual sessions with your primary therapist, daily group therapy, access to all of our psycho-educational classes, individual spiritual counseling sessions, full access to holistic services, and participation in the 4-Day Family Program.


  • Stage 2: 90-Day Comprehensive Program: This program is truly all-encompassing. In our 90-Day program, you will engage in all of the 30-Day program activities, plus, you will have time to go much deeper with your work on emotional and physical issues that have made recovery so personally challenging. You also have the opportunity to spend more time working with our experts on family dynamics, relationships, and codependency. The 90-Day program is ideal if you have struggled with relapse, need additional time to work on co-occurring disorders or other life challenges, or want the extra time to strengthen your routine and resolve in recovery. Our experts will work with you to help you choose the Alta Mira program that best supports your recovery needs and goals. At the end of Stage 2, you will complete your residential stay and transition back to your home or to a lower level of care.
  • Stage 3. Continuing Care: Our program doesn’t end when you move away from our center. Through our Continuing Care program, Alta Mira offers support to ensure lasting recovery. This program gives you access to alumni events and our weekly alumni support groups (included in the cost of treatment).
    • Medication for extra protection against relapse: At Alta Mira, our hope is to help you create the life you desire through long-lasting recovery. Therefore, we do everything we can to support you both while you are with us and after you leave. Many of our clients, working with our consulting addiction physicians, elect to take relapse prevention medication to help with craving control, allowing them to feel more secure in long-term sobriety. Our clinical team will work with you to determine if a medication regimen offers the best support for your recovery goals.
    • 12-Week Intensive Outpatient Program: Our elective 12-week Intensive Outpatient Program is a bridge between our residential center and the outside world, offering you the smoothest possible transition to life outside our walls. Additionally, we will give you comprehensive discharge plans that empower you to access caregivers, peer support groups, and other community services that offer continual support for long-term sobriety.

If it’s time for you or someone you know to get help for addiction, Alta Mira has solutions for lasting recovery. Our experts are here to offer clients the best in treatment: the most advanced care for your addiction, as well as any mental or emotional health issues fueling it, in our serene center overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Please contact us today with your questions or to tell us your story.