Meth Addiction Treatment – Inpatient Detoxing

While meth withdrawal – or “coming down” from meth – does have some pronounced physical side effects that vary in intensity from person to person, it is the psychological side effects that make it so important to detox in a safe, healthy, comfortable, therapeutic environment like Alta Mira Recovery. There are mental and physical components to the detox process for all drugs, but crystal methamphetamine is unique in its unwavering ability to convince many people that using more meth is the answer to coming down comfortably. While this “weaning off” period can help minimize a crash, it will also keep you using meth for a longer period of time, and can often result in continuing to use as you have been.

Crystal Methamphetamine is a Tricky Drug

It is the psychological tricks of crystal methamphetamine that make it so important to seek inpatient meth addiction treatment. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable, caring professionals is fully-equipped to make your detox as comfortable as possible without jeopardizing your resolve to get clean and stay clean. Making the decision to commit to meth addiction treatment is no small personal victory on your path to recovery, and we are here to help ensure that you have all the tools necessary to stay focused on your continued sobriety.

Meth Addiction Treatment – Medications

For some drugs, including heroin, there are medications available that can help with the physical discomforts of the detox process. The symptoms eased include pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, all conditions that can be uncomfortable enough to cause a person to relapse just to escape them. Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any specific medicines to aid with crystal methamphetamine detox. That said, coming down from meth is often more psychologically difficult than physically difficult, and the team at Alta Mira will be with you every step of the way to help you through any mental trials, difficulty sleeping, or any behavioral issues that meth withdrawal can bring about.

Meth Addiction Treatment – Behavioral Therapy and Co-Occurring Disorders

Many of the people who choose Alta Mira Recovery for meth addiction treatment have been treated elsewhere before. Some completed their previous treatment and fell off-track on their recovery path, while others cite a disconnect in their treatment plan as a reason it never quite worked for them. At some drug rehabilitation centers, your drug addiction and mental health concerns are treated as separate from one another. Alta Mira Recovery understands that they are deeply intertwined and must be treated in an integrated way.

We encourage our clients to give us as much information as possible about their past rehab experiences so we can better understand their unique needs and where they currently are on their path. Time and again, the same disconnect has come up from person to person – that they were told their depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues were separate from their drug addiction, and they needed to simply focus on staying clean. Simply put – it just doesn’t work that way! At Alta Mira Recovery, our treatment plans are always designed to treat the whole person. You are one person – mind, body, and spirit – and everything that you are and do is connected. It is impossible to imagine a successful meth addiction treatment plan that doesn’t include ongoing attention to co-occurring disorders. At Alta Mira Recovery, you will have fully-integrative treatment that understands and respects that you are not separate from your addiction, just as you are not defined by your addiction.

For Every Effect, There is a Cause

In our decades of experience working with people struggling with drug addiction, we have yet to encounter a single person who started using drugs “just because.” Drug use is always an effect of one – and often, many – things, and in your time at Alta Mira Recovery, we will thoroughly explore your past and present to get a full picture of what led you to crystal meth.

There is no wrong answer to how you got started with meth; there are no good or bad reasons. We promise to never view you or treat you as a “drug addict.” While that definition may be technically accurate, we find great harm in the way it is widely used to diminish “the addict” as something secondary to their affliction. First and foremost, you are a person. Once in the throes of addiction, it can be difficult to remember the simple truth that you were a person before crystal, are a person during your battle with crystal, and can be a person who doesn’t use crystal once again. Just remember – you already have been that person!

Meth Addiction Treatment: You are a Whole

As a leading meth addiction treatment center with expertise in identifying and treating co-occurring disorders, the acclaimed team of professionals at Alta Mira Recovery will help you uncover, explore, and ultimately deal with the many causes that resulted in your crystal meth addiction. These can include depression, anxiety, trauma, physical and/or mental illness, loss, and so much more. All of these elements will be worked with and through in harmony with your meth addiction treatment. These are all pieces of the same whole, and at Alta Mira Recovery, we are committed to treating you as a whole person.

Among the many aspects of who you are as a person, you are someone battling a drug addiction. The addiction cannot exist outside of you, but you can very much exist outside of the addiction. It is only the addiction itself that thinks otherwise.

You are not a series of parts that function independently of one another. You cannot turn off your past to focus on your present any more than you can separate the struggles that led to your addiction from the addiction itself. Contact us today at Alta Mira Recovery to take the first important step in your meth addiction treatment journey – a journey toward becoming a whole whose addiction is part of their past.