Heroin Addiction Treatment: The Time to Get Help is Now

Simply put, heroin addiction can ruin your life. It can ruin the lives of the people who love you. As difficult as the decision can be, seeking qualified treatment is one of the most effective ways to take your life back from the grips of heroin addiction. We understand what you are going through, and we’ve helped many people who started where you are now. Even though you may feel as if you are plummeting downwards, we are here to promise you that this is not the end. There is a way back to the peak of the mountain no matter the depths of your current heroin addiction. The answer? Heroin addiction treatment.

Heroin Addiction is a Tricky Battle

Heroin is not simply a drug; it is a force of nature. Many individuals can spend months or years trying to wean themselves off this potent drug only to relapse time and again. In fact, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous to try to get off heroin without medical supervision. Heroin, a type of opiate, is derived from poppies, and it is highly addictive in both a physical and psychological way. Past users have reported that heroin’s physical addiction manifests itself in the form of intense cravings and bodily pain. Others have reported that they have experienced psychological addiction in the form of losing track of time, ruining relationships with loved ones, and losing an overall sense of everyday reality. Individuals who have used heroin could potentially experience other types of psychological disorders and distress while taking the drug. It is a very complex drug to get a handle of, which is why we take great pride in developing a personalized heroin addiction treatment that will help you do just that.

Heroin Addiction Treatment: Is it Right for You?

Deciding to commit to a treatment program is no small feat. Our well-established staff of medical, psychiatric, and psychological professionals understand the importance of what you are considering, or have already decided, to do. It is the first giant step on your path to total recovery. Opting for inpatient treatment is in itself a major accomplishment. Here at Alta Mira Recovery, we are ready to help ensure that you have all the tools necessary to stay focused on your plan to achieve lasting sobriety.

Heroin Addiction Treatment: What is Heroin Detox Like?

While there are some common withdrawal effects that many people experience when “coming down,” heroin withdrawal is not the same for everyone. Two key factors that can affect your detox experience are your individual physicality and the length of time you’ve been using heroin. For some, it may take 3-5 days to detox in a medically monitored environment to help relieve some of the side effects that accompany heroin detox. For others, who may suffer from a more severe addiction, heroin dependency drugs may need to be incorporated into treatment in order to make the detox as safe and comfortable as possible. Due to heroin’s highly addictive nature and strong withdrawal symptoms, it is highly important to seek treatment to assist with the detox phase. Alta Mira Recovery prides itself on offering a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all individuals that decide to seek treatment for their addiction and mental health.

Heroin Addiction Treatment: What Types of Therapies Do We Use?

Alta Mira Recovery’s team understands that this may not be your first attempt at achieving sobriety. Many people that we have encountered and worked with may have been displeased with their past attempts at treatment, or simply felt they were missing something. Our staff understands that. Alta Mira Recovery is here to promise you that the treatment that we provide to you will be personalized, evidence-based, and all-encompassing. We understand that many of the patients that we have treated over the years have suffered from both drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. Let’s just state it here and now: It is our goal to treat you as a whole person. Your struggles with addiction are deeply intertwined with your depression, anxiety, and/or other mental health issues, and your personalized treatment plan will be constructed with that in mind.

Alta Mira Recovery prides itself on providing state-of-the-art behavioral therapies as well as treating your heroin addiction as a co-occurring disorder. At Alta Mira Recovery, you will have access to fully-integrative treatment that understands and respects that you are unique and not defined by your addiction.

Recovering from Heroin Addiction Offers a New Beginning

Heroin addiction treatment closes the book that has been destroying your life and opens to a first chapter in a new book. Why does this matter? The answer is not always clear at first; however, our staff at Alta Mira Recovery is dedicated to helping you uncover this stunning truth.

Imagine that you are a lost, hungry, and thirsty wanderer stranded in the hot desert. You may be scared that you will never make it home again to see the ones you love. The very idea that you may never escape the desert can fill you with feelings of despair and dread. Suddenly, as you slowly drag yourself across the hazy landscape, you come across a man on a horse. The man on the horse offers you water and a ride to safety. What would you do?

The answer may appear to be obvious; however, as easy as it might seem, some individuals may struggle with the option. Some individuals who suffer from addiction view themselves as unworthy of help. In a sense, the feel as if they deserve their affliction.

Here at Alta Mira Recovery, we offer that helping hand. We will help you overcome your addiction and see your true worth with clear eyes.

Embark on the Path to Sobriety Today

At Alta Mira Recovery we believe in providing the best treatments available to help you solve the interconnectedness of drug use and mental health. If you are in need of heroin addiction treatment, our professional staff is here to help you achieve the primary goal that is the key to unlocking the wonderful chapters of your life that lay ahead.

For further information, please contact us today. Your new chapter is just a phone call away.