Getting Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

If you are concerned that you may have crossed the line from the intended use of prescription drugs into abuse, we can help. Prescription drug addiction can be confusing because individuals often begin using the medications on doctor’s orders.

Here are some of the signs that intended prescription drug use has developed into abuse:

  • Increase in frequency of dosage or amount of medication taken in a dose
  • Anxiety when prescriptions are running low
  • Online medication purchases, particularly from foreign pharmacies
  • Stealing (or the urge to steal) prescription pads or medications
  • Getting medications prescribed to another person or fictitious name
  • Multiple prescriptions for the same medication from different doctors
  • Secretive demeanor regarding prescriptions
  • Prolonged prescription courses for transient or healed conditions
  • Incurring debt, stealing or borrowing money to finance prescriptions

If any of these signs are familiar, the Alta Mira team is here to help. There are many different prescription drugs that can become addictive, even when taken as prescribed by your doctor.

Getting to the right diagnosis brought me comfort, knowledge, and a clear path forward. I am forever grateful.

Michelle W., Alta Mira Alumna
Bridges to Recovery Testimonial

Getting to the right diagnosis brought me comfort, knowledge, and a clear path forward. I am forever grateful.

Michelle W., Alta Mira Alumna

Recovery From Prescription Drug Abuse at Alta Mira

The Alta Mira addiction experts have designed a 3-stage recovery program that empowers you to regain your freedom from prescription drug dependence.

  • Stage 1. Detoxification (detox): The Alta Mira team works to make sure you receive the highest quality care available during your detox. With the goal of keeping you as comfortable as possible during this period, our highly trained detox specialists and specialized addiction therapists offer a range of medication options designed to help ease you through the transition, and give you a private detox room in our beautiful hotel overlooking the San Francisco Bay.After successful completion of detox, you either continue in our 30-Day Residential Treatment Program or our 90-Day Residential Treatment Program, depending on your personal needs and goals.
  • Stage 2. 30-Day Core Program: After you have completed detox, you will move into your shared or private residence and begin the heart of our recovery program. During this stage, you will begin resolving the issues that have compelled drug abuse, and develop the necessary recovery skills that make long-term sobriety possible.As you are initiated into stage 2, our addiction experts will work through a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation, and you will have a Primary Therapist, Recovery Counselor, and a “Buddy” (a current resident) to support you through every step of your stay.You will participate in group therapy and educational sessions, reconnect with your body and spirit through our holistic therapy offerings, and join in the peer support meetings that are essential for continued recovery.


  • Stage 2: 90-Day Comprehensive Program: This program is truly all-encompassing. In our 90-Day program, you will engage in all of the 30-Day program activities, with ample to for much deeper work on emotional issues, family dynamics, and behaviors that have made addiction so personally challenging. You will also have the opportunity to spend more time working with our experts on building positive relationships and removing the obstacles that keep you from living a full and meaningful life.Whether you choose our 30- or 90-Day Program, our goal is to help you develop a lasting plan for sobriety and a clear path toward a more enriching life. As you transition out of residential care and prepare to return home (or to a sober living environment), our team will work closely with you to implement a structured and thorough Continuing Care Plan.
  • Stage 3. Continuing Care: Our program doesn’t end when you move away from our center. Through our Continuing Care program, Alta Mira offers support for lasting recovery. Our team will help you structure a comprehensive discharge plan that will empower you to access caregivers, peer support groups, and other community services that offer continual support for long-term sobriety. Alta Mira alumni also have access to alumni events and our weekly alumni support groups (included in the cost of treatment). Additionally, we offer:
    • Medication for extra protection against relapse: At Alta Mira, our hope is to help you create the life you desire through long-lasting recovery. Therefore, we do everything we can to support you both while you are here with us and after you leave. Many of our clients choose to take relapse prevention medication to help with craving control, allowing them to feel secure in long-term sobriety. Our clinical team includes experts in the use of medication that helps prevent relapse. We will work with you to determine the medication regimen offering the best support for your recovery goals.
    • 12-Week Intensive Outpatient Program: Our elective 12-week Intensive Outpatient Program is a bridge between our residential center and the outside world, offering you the smoothest possible transition to life outside of residential treatment.

Offering the highest quality care available, Alta Mira is the premier treatment center for those struggling with prescription drug abuse. Respectful and empathetic, our experts understand what you are going through. We are here to help find the best solutions for the issues contributing to your struggles with prescription drugs. Please contact us today with your questions and to find out how we can serve you or someone you know.