Healing & Serenity by the Sea

Alta Mira offers comprehensive addiction treatment in a serene setting overlooking beautiful San Francisco Bay. We help people rebuild and stay sober.


A Lifetime Relationship

We offer the most comprehensive, no-cost aftercare of any center of our kind. We make a commitment to support our clients for the rest of their lives.


New Hope for Families

Family involvement is critical to long-term sobriety. No other recovery center involves family in the treatment process as deeply as Alta Mira.


Healing in Mind, Body & Spirit

Alta Mira is a place for healing and rejuvenation. Our holistic programs help clients restore balance to their lives.


Professional Care, Personal Touch

Because no two addictions are alike, we design our treatment programs to meet the specific needs of each client.

The Alta Mira Difference

Brain Healthy Treatment

Research shows that addiction is a brain disease with neurobiological, psychological, social, and spiritual manifestations. As such, our innovative curriculum is designed to address these four critical areas of healing.

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A Higher Level of Clinical Care

Alta Mira blends proven clinical practices with customized treatment planning, frequent individual sessions, a cutting edge curriculum and experiential therapies to deliver treatment that goes above and beyond industry standards.

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State of the Art Psychological Testing

Every client at Alta Mira receives extensive neuropsychological testing to identify any undiagnosed issues that may be driving their addiction. This is especially critical for dual diagnosis and chronic relapse clients.

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Highly Credentialed Professional Team

With several full time doctoral level clinical staff members, Alta Mira offers a rare level of clinical experience, skill, and care for our clients. All of our primary therapists are licensed.

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A Lifetime Relationship

Alta Mira offers the most comprehensive, no-cost aftercare of any center of our kind. Regardless of their length of stay, we make a lifetime commitment to each client.

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Premier Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Alta Mira is adeptly blending long-proven plans and therapies with the latest developments in the addiction treatment field.

Our treatment philosophy centers on “brain healthy” care, as advocated by The American Society of Addiction Medicine. This comprehensive treatment model addresses addiction from every angle, incorporating neurobiological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects to treatment. View Our Clinical Model

At Alta Mira, we offer a clear path to recovery for each individual who enters our program, as well as lifelong support to ensure each client can effectively maintain their recovery for the long term.

Our mission is to provide hope and healing to individuals and families who are engaged in a battle against substance abuse and addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs, alcohol or co-occurring issues, call us now for a free, confidential consultation.

Top-Tier Facilities and Amenities

Our name, Alta Mira, translates to “higher view,” and this is the goal for our clients – to leave our facility with a fresh outlook on life, complete with heightened goals of all they can accomplish thanks to their newfound sobriety.

As a luxury drug rehab center, we offer our clients top-tier facilities and amenities, with both shared and private suite offerings. Clients enjoy gourmet meals, which can be customized to fit any special dietary requirements.

Our luxury addiction treatment services include far more than the basics you’ll find with other programs. Massage, acupuncture, yoga and tai chi sessions complement our unique therapy options, which include psychodrama, adventure, art and music, and equine therapy.

We firmly believe addiction should be treated from a full-body perspective, and we offer a wide range of activities that promote overall wellness.

Wholly Unique, Customized and Distinct

At Alta Mira, we take pride in the unmatched advancements we offer in our addiction treatment program.

Every client who enters our program undergoes state-of-the-art cognitive and neuropsychological testing, including brain scans. These tests establish an accurate diagnosis for each client, and detect the presence of any dual diagnosis conditions.

Just as each client’s addiction issues are wholly unique, each client’s treatment plan is distinct. During our thorough evaluation period, we design a customized treatment plan that will best address the specific needs of the client. Each plan contains clinical and medical milestones so clients and staff members can measure progress throughout the program.

We offer complete on-site detox services for those who need it prior to the commencement of their addiction treatment program. Our 24-hour nursing staff and our psychiatrist closely monitor all detoxing clients.

Recovery is an Enduring Commitment

Clients learn an incredible amount about their addiction, as well as how their brains and bodies are affected by their addictions, throughout our treatment program.

Various therapies involve retraining the brain so clients can effectively maintain sober and healthy lives. At Alta Mira, we educate our clients so they fully understand every step of the treatment process. When our clients leave our facility, it’s as if they’ve received a graduate-level degree in addiction.

We firmly believe that family support can be a key component for clients on their journey to addiction recovery. With this in mind, we incorporate family therapy into our program, allowing family members to support and contribute to their loved one’s treatment plan. Individual therapy is available to clients seven days a week, and group therapy – held in process groups – is also available on a daily basis.

Recovery is an enduring commitment, and we support every single client in his or her lifelong journey to continual sobriety. As a result, we offer comprehensive aftercare planning and free continued care for life. Once clients have successfully completed treatment, they are welcome to return to our facility four times per year to receive treatment “tune-ups” that are free of charge. In addition, our clients are encouraged to participate in alumni support groups and individual sessions, and take part in monthly follow-up calls.

Passionate for the Recovery Process

Our staff features more doctorate-level specialists than most addiction rehab facilities, particularly in light of our 30-bed capacity.

Our expert staff members include six full-time and four part-time doctorate-level clinical professionals, as well as various licensed therapists. We offer 24-hour nursing care, and we have a certified psychiatrist on call 24 hours a day. In addition, our Chief of Addiction Medicine holds more than 45 years of experience in the addiction treatment field.

While our staff has an immense amount of expertise in the fields of both addiction and dual diagnosis, we also believe that treatment is most effective when clients are given plenty of individual attention. As a result, our staff-to-client ratio is approximately 1:1 during the day and 1:3 during the evening. Overnight, the ratio is 1:6.

Our staff treats each client individually, learning their stories and history to develop a unique treatment plan that addresses the specific issues in his or her life. We are proud of the remarkable team we have assembled here at Alta Mira.

Recovery in San Francisco

Nestled in Sausalito, Alta Mira’s facility boasts breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and the surrounding Marin County mountains.

This serene setting offers the ideal location for individuals recovering from all manners of addiction.

Environment is a crucial component of the addiction treatment process. In order to fully immerse oneself in recovery, the individual needs to feel comfortable and even inspired by their environment. At Alta Mira, our clients are surrounded by incredible beauty, thanks to our oceanfront location in the historic Alta Mira Hotel. As we are situated high above the foothills, our property affords plenty of privacy to our clients while still allowing them to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the area.

In addition, the San Francisco Bay Area features some of the nation’s most enjoyable weather. Clients often enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing, kayaking and rock climbing, as part of their recovery program.

For more information on our comprehensive addiction treatment services, contact us today. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate – take the first step on your journey to a healthy life.

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