Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

The Alta Mira residential substance use disorder treatment programs were designed by renowned specialists who are among the best in their respective fields.

A Residential Treatment Center Focused on Clinical Care

When you begin your recovery journey, know that each tailored treatment plan is designed by experts in the field of addiction. At Alta Mira, our substance use disorder treatment program goes beyond drug and alcohol addiction disorders and co-occurring mental health issues; they help heal all wounds and life challenges that contribute to your addiction struggles.

Our program was designed by renowned specialists, including a robust psychiatric and medical team, who are among the best in their respective fields. Regardless of your length of stay, you work with them to determine which modalities are right for you, thereby creating the best possible treatment experience. Our integrated approach and support from Alta Mira’s masters- and doctorate-level clinicians, combined with our high-end San Francisco Bay location, give you the opportunity to rediscover health and happiness.

An Integrated Approach to Comprehensive Recovery

At Alta Mira, we appreciate your unique history, qualities, needs, and desires. Your story shapes your past, present, and future, and as such determines the way we design your individualized treatment plan. Our highly skilled experts take the time to hear your story and personalize your experience, with the goal of creating your best possible journey to recovery.

No matter the need, all clients have access to our medically supervised detox program; comprehensive neuropsychological testing and evaluation; monthly 3-day family program; and a personalized treatment plan of individual and group therapy, educational programming, holistic and experiential therapy, and peer support engagement.

By developing a broad spectrum of treatment options focused on substance abuse and co-occurring issues, we’re able to address a diversity of needs. In conjunction with our structured, evidence-based clinical programs, we integrate holistic programming and services to offer you more opportunities to rejuvenate your life.

Our 90-Day Transformational Recovery Program

While some clients may choose a shorter length of stay, our transformational drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is the most advanced treatment of its kind. It offers our clients a true 90-day curriculum, providing them the unique opportunity for advanced work in substance abuse recovery, spirituality, family dynamics, grief and loss, trauma and resiliency, relationships, identity in recovery, and more.

Our outcomes data demonstrates that the long-term effectiveness of treatment drastically improves with longer lengths of stay in residential care. Treatment outcomes are optimized when people stay in treatment long enough to resolve their identified needs and goals, moving beyond brief stabilization toward developing deeper insights and practicing new ways of coping, being in the world, and approaching life and relationships.

Diagnostic Testing for Dual Diagnoses

Addiction often occurs alongside other underlying disorders–called dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders–that have not been properly diagnosed or treated. Our comprehensive, neuropsychological testing program combined with our medical, psychiatric, and clinical assessments and evaluations provide you with the most accurate diagnoses, allowing us to create treatment plans tailor-made to fit your specific need.

3-Day Family Program at Alta Mira

With your permission, your family, friends, and others you wish to include are encouraged to participate in your recovery with our 3-Day Family Program, offered each month. In this way, your support group has opportunities to learn how they can help themselves and be there for you as you pursue your recovery. Clients who have family members participate in our Family Program set themselves and their families up for the best chance of healing and recovery.

Holistic Therapies

As a comprehensive addiction recovery center, we seek to create highly personalized treatment programs that support your wellness and facilitate good self-care. These holistic therapies are designed to promote self-care practices that help you reclaim your best health through lasting recovery. Our holistic practitioners provide support and empowerment at all times to ensure you get the most out of your time at Alta Mira.

Continuing Care

Before you leave treatment, our multidisciplinary team sets you up with a long-term continuing care plan that will support your walk back into life beyond Alta Mira. When you have completed residential care at Alta Mira, we also continue to support your recovery through our ongoing Alumni Care Program. This includes free weekly support groups, quarterly renewals, and regular check-ins with our Alumni Coordinator.