Accommodation Options

When you join us at Alta Mira, we want you to feel welcome, safe, and secure, so that you are comfortable enough to fully engage in your recovery experience. We work to create a healing environment where you can benefit from our support and encouragement. In a naturally beautiful setting on the San Francisco Bay, our living areas serve as inspiring spaces for the transformative work you will do here.

Experience Recovery With Exceptional Comfort

At Alta Mira, we create a serene and peaceful atmosphere where you are free to heal without the distractions of everyday life. If detox is necessary, you will begin your stay at Alta Mira housed in a private room with private bath in a specialized wing of our main building. Once you have completed your initial medical evaluations and medically monitored detox, you will join our other residents in your long-term accommodations.

Whether you prefer the company of another resident in a double occupancy room (with shared room and bath), or the privacy of your own room (with private room and bath), or your own suite (with private living room, bedroom and bath), your lodgings will provide comfort and serenity as you progress through your medical and clinical program, and receive the highest quality of care.

Living Room in a Private Suite

Alta Mira’s spacious, light-filled rooms are designed for luxury while maintaining a comfort level that lets you feel at home. Our designers styled each room to support your ability to find personal peace and security while you’re with us. While all of our rooms provide you with everything you need to feel your best during your recovery work, our private suites offer added bonuses ranging from a fireplace, a living room, or an extra-large bathroom with a bathtub.

We believe in creating an environment that supports your best health, so our campus includes a gym with a selection of cardio and strength training machines and free weights. In addition, you are given regular on-site sessions with certified trainers and yoga instructors.

Private Room

Living Room in a Private Suite

Bathroom in a Private Suite

Bedroom in a Private Suite

Double Occupancy Room

Double Occupancy Room

Alta Mira is a pet-friendly rehab center. As an added source of comfort and support, you are encouraged to bring your pet. A private room or suite is necessary if you plan to bring your pet–please call us for additional information about our pet program.

Our accommodations are designed to fulfill your need for comfort during recovery treatment. In everything we do, we strive to provide you with a top-quality experience. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.