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“They are kind to people”

I do not believe that my recovery is where it is today without the staff at Alta Mira. Far and beyond what is asked of them, they give. They draw boundaries. They consent. They listen. They share knowledge. They adjust adjust adjust.They forgive. They always wait for us. They always believe in us. They like when we do better. They know we’ll do better even before we do. They are kind to people.

Camille S.
Alta Mira Alumna
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The Alta Mira Experience

The Alta Mira Experience is best described as a series of “wow” moments. Our campus provides you with a spectacular setting in which to do some of the most important work of your life. Our accommodations and amenities provide you with the comfort and safety you need in order to make the most of the transformative experiences that await you at Alta Mira.

We promise you will feel held and cared for here. The members of our team are chosen for their excellent credentials and recovery experience, combined with their commitment for compassionate care. We provide you with that extra bit of attention, insight, and caring that can make all the difference on any given day of your recovery work. We believe in your inherent strength and your ability to thrive. You are not broken; you need support in reclaiming your intrinsic wholeness.
At Alta Mira, your “wow” experience will include:

Our beautiful campus: From the moment you arrive on our campus overlooking the San Francisco Bay, you will feel welcomed and supported. With beautiful gardens, intimate areas to contemplate and talk with others, and comfortably elegant accommodations, the energy here is one of peace and healing.

Comforting accommodations: Whether you prefer double occupancy, a private room, or a private suite, your living space will be warm and inviting. We welcome you to bring your pet for added comfort and support.

Delicious and nourishing meals: Our Executive Chef provides you with delicious and nourishing meals made from the best local and organic ingredients available. We accommodate your food allergies, special diets and food preferences.

Privacy and luxury: Our clients are accustomed to the very best services and amenities. We promise you comfort, privacy, and the best addiction treatment available.

A weekly schedule of programming that inspires, educates and heals you. We’ve designed a schedule that helps you find a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life through a combination of recovery work, therapeutic activities and plenty of time for rest and recuperation

I found hope, a new path, new friends, and a home away from home.
– Kristina, Alta Mira Alumna

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