Listen to What Our Alumni Have to Say

Choosing an addiction treatment center is one of the most important decisions you or your loved one will ever make. This choice holds the power to transform your future, and it can be an emotional one.

We recommend that potential clients and their families speak directly to our former clients when gathering information about Alta Mira. By calling our admissions line, we can connect individuals directly to former clients who have volunteered to answer questions and give honest feedback. Additionally, we’ve asked clients and their families if they would like to share any written thoughts with other individuals and families regarding Alta Mira. Here are their responses.

The safest and warmest environment

If you are ready to start living the life that you were always meant to live, Alta Mira can give you the safest and warmest environment coupled with a world-class professional team.

Michael B.
January 2, 2015

I have found my self-confidence and my voice

When I came to Alta Mira, I was broken, people described me as fragile and silent. At the end of treatment I have found my self-confidence and my voice, in a way I never could have imagined for myself. I truly believe this place is magical, I could never have done this alone.

Charlotte W.
October 29, 2013

Individualistic, comprehensive solution

An excellent holistic approach and solution to addiction. Much different than my previous rehab experience where the solution was more of a blanket solution. Alta Mira provides a very individualistic, comprehensive solution to each resident’s issues, and has the resources to back it up. I highly recommend Alta Mira.

Grant H.
June 24, 2014

I found the inspiration to live at Alta Mira

When I think about my experience at Alta Mira I am overwhelmed with inspiration. They gave me hope that I can have a life filled with love and happiness. I now have the tools to keep moving forward despite my hardships. As an artist, I found the creativity I had lost, and that is greatly because of the inspiration I have found at Alta Mira. Slowly over the course of the last 3 months I have found myself. They had hope for me when I was hopeless. They had love for me when I could not love myself, and through that support I found hope and self-love. I found the inspiration to live at Alta Mira.

Scott F.
May 17, 2014

The tools to move forward and embrace a healthy life

Alta Mira was an exceptional experience for me given my dual diagnosis. Over my 3 plus month stay, I was able to gain the insights and the tools to move forward and embrace a healthy life abundant with choice. Thank you, Alta Mira.

Susanna D.
June 24, 2014