Seconal Addiction

It’s extremely easy to become addicted to Seconal (the brand name for secobarbital), a type of barbiturate usually prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, or before surgery to help a patient relax. That’s why doctors are only supposed to give short-term prescriptions, and why patients must be closely monitored. However, it’s still possible for someone to become addicted to Seconal within just a few weeks of starting it. Seconal addictions are highly dangerous because it’s difficult to tell the difference between a dosage that will help you feel relaxed and one that can kill you. If you know someone who is abusing Seconal, seek help immediately.

Spotting a Seconal Addiction

Seconal rose to popularity in America during the seventies, and continues to be used recreationally by many today. People who already suffer from addictions to other drugs—especially those that cause insomnia, such as Adderall or Ritalin—are particularly prone to Seconal abuse. They can easily fall into a pattern of taking an upper during the day to feel awake, and then taking Seconal at night to sleep.

There are a few telltale signs that can emerge when someone is abusing Seconal. Someone might visit different doctors and pharmacies to get multiple prescriptions, forge illegal prescriptions, or buy Seconal on the street. Often the person’s personal relationships will fall apart as they grow more consumed with the drug, and their career or schooling will also take a back seat. If you know someone who is putting their drug use ahead of other aspects of their life, it’s a clear sign they’re suffering from a serious addiction.

Consequences of a Seconal Addiction

The consequences of continued use of Seconal are severe, both physically and emotionally. It’s very easy to overdose without intending to; Seconal can be fatal if mixed with the wrong drug or too much alcohol. Physically speaking, a person addicted to Seconal will suffer from poor memory and concentration, nausea, headache, and potential difficulty breathing. Your loved one can lose friends, family, and jobs because of their addiction. Instead of being able to enjoy life, their days end up revolving around finding the next high and enduring another inevitable crash.

Unfortunately, even if your loved one attempts to quit using Seconal, the withdrawal symptoms can be equally dangerous. Seconal abuse produces a variety of withdrawal symptoms, which can include anxiety, irritability, nausea, pain, raised heart rate, and seizures. Your loved one will need medically supervised detoxification to begin the healing process safely.

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The Importance of Treatment

If someone you know is addicted to Seconal, it’s vital that you seek treatment immediately. This is because effects of Seconal vary drastically depending on the amount consumed: a low dosage can induce a drunk-like feeling, while a high dosage can put someone into a comatose state or even kill them. And it’s equally important that the person doesn’t automatically stop the drug cold turkey. This can produce serious side effects like seizures that in some cases can be life-threatening. Instead, detoxification must be done in a supervised setting with access to on-site treatment for seizures, should they occur.

Because Seconal is often originally prescribed as a short-term solution for anxiety or insomnia, any treatment program that addresses the addiction must also address the co-occurring issue that first prompted use of the drug. Dual diagnosis treatment can treat the whole person, finding solutions for their co-occurring disorder that don’t rely on Seconal use.

Entering a compassionate rehabilitation program can help your loved one begin recovery from a Seconal addiction. When someone has lost control of their life, rebuilding connection and trust with oneself and others is paramount: engaging in holistic therapeutic approaches is an important part of the recovery process. Because at the end of the day, addiction is about much more than just the drug. To fully heal, a program must treat the whole person.

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